Friday, July 13, 2018

Goodbye Colorado (FINALLY) and Hello Wyoming…

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Well we “think” we are finally repaired so it was time to leave Colorado. Before leaving I tried turning the key in the ignition about one HUNDRED times in the RV to see if the gauges worked. Why?  Before repairs it would fail about 1 in 8 tries so seeing no failure in 100 tries I think it may actually be fixed.

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We left the Freightliner dealer and headed north barely crossing onto Wyoming where our first stop was at Terry Bison ranch RV Park.It is a Passport America Park with half off the stay but this park only honors it one night and we wanted to stay two. So one night was 24 and one night 48 and with tax it averaged $39.60 a night… definitely not worth it!!! However we wanted to explore Cheyenne Wyoming so we bit the bullet anyway.

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We hoped to explore the capitol building but alas… it was being refurbished and won't open till mid 2019. After discovering this we wished we had only stayed one night especially given the cost of staying the second night. Oh well.

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The next day we drove into Cheyenne to explore a bit and were somewhat disappointed with the town not taking more advantage of its rich history. We did walk around the town  to explore a bit and ended up at the Depot Plaza where we found a nice little brewery which was a bit different. As we walked in we saw a hostess who said, “you need to see me before going in”. She explained she needed a credit card so that she could give us a special card which would record the number of ounces of beer we consumed.


Armed with our card we walked in and could see that there were several taps with a chalk board beside it describing the beer and the corresponding tap number. There were several sizes of glasses to grab and once a choice is made, visitors pour their own beer by placing their card above the chosen tap.  While pouring a display showed how many ounces you poured. Voila!  Pretty clever!

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I have seen this for wines before but never beer. It was fun tasting as much as we wanted to taste. We did find a favorite beer which was a Mango IPA and it was very good. We sat at the bar where we noticed a sign with the happy hour specials and half off growlers caught our eye! With the special a 64 ounce growler of our favorite beer would be only $6.00… so we took home two!

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The next day we headed north to a small town called Lingle Wyoming where we found another Passport America Park called Pony Soldier RV Park  It was only $15 per night for full hookups and was a much nicer park than the last one we were at.  It would just be a one night stay and our plan there was to visit several historical sites.

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First up was the Fort Fort Laramie National Historic Site in Fort Laramie WY. What a cool fort it was and although it reminded me of one we visited in Texas, this one had been better restored. We walked around the entire site reading all the historical plaques with great information and also enjoyed the rooms which were reconstructed with period appropriate furniture. Very cool!

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Next we drove over to Guernsey WY to see Register Cliff State Historic Site  What makes this so interesting is that it is “historical graffiti” left on a sandstone cliff from travelers on the Oregon Trail. Lots of cool old graffiti but unfortunately there is modern graffiti competing with it.

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On the way back we stopped at another historical site called the Oregon Trail Ruts also near Guernsey WY. Here there is a trail over to  some “ruts” in the sandstone from wagon travelers frequenting the Oregon trail. So frequent that their wagons dug more than 5 feet into the sandstone. It felt really neat being there “in the moment” realizing so many explorers such as us had passed through this area…

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After two stops we have seen no RV error codes nor had any gauge failures so we feel safe to forge ahead with our plan to visit South Dakota! It sure feels good to be on the road again…..

NOTE: We are now in Lingle Wyoming then later today we move over to Rapid City South Dakota…

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Did we finally figure out what was wrong with our RV?

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The real question is - Did we finally figure what was wrong with our RV? We certainly hope so. After another 4 hours of labor we finally had a resolution as the Transwest in Frederick Colorado discovered that our problem was a bad ECM – Electronic Control Module. This wouldn’t bother me except that is exactly what I told the Freightliner shop in Albuquerque that I thought the problem was.

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Instead we were charged a thousand dollars to replace the ABS module which as it turned out was not the problem because when we got to Longmont we had the exact same problem. Albuquerque obviously misdiagnosed it. After leaving Colorado we are now down the road a bit in Wyoming and feel relieved as it seems as though maybe this time we are fixed. We feel cautiously optimistic but only time will tell.

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So how did we spend or last few days in Colorado? Well we received a Facebook message from a friend of ours who lives in Colorado that she and her family were visiting Keystone Colorado in a condo and would we like to join them there for the weekend. Well our answer was hell yes as we really needed a getaway. We wanted to go despite the fact we would be leaving Colorado the day we would get back with no concrete plan for where we would be going next. Ahhhh such is life as a spontaneous full-timer…

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We packed and hit the road out of Frederick Colorado for a two hour drive to Keystone. We took a scenic route off of the highway through a pleasant canyon and arrived in Keystone a few hours later. Our friends Steve and Nancy gave us the address to the condo and the key code to get in as they were watching their son (who has a twin sister) racing in the downhill mountain bike race called the Big Mountain Enduro.

After arriving we had a lunch we brought on the back patio which overlooked a beaver pond and the mountains of Keystone ski area. After lunch we found our way into town and met up with Steve and Nancy. We went with them to the finish line and after awhile we saw their son come past the line finishing stage 3 of the race. He was 20th in the expert group after moving up from the amateurs and seemed to be real happy with his race thus far.

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During the last leg though he crashed, suffered a bit of road rash and a had a flat but finished the race. Not the result he hoped for but he was happy with the overall outcome as he was able to finish the race and had he still been an amateur he would have reached the podium. It was fun to see and hear about his sport.  We went out to dinner to celebrate and enjoyed a great evening with our friends’ family as both the twins were at dinner with us.

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The next day we had to head  back so we bid our adieus and headed home. Along the way we drove back over Loveland pass and stopped for a few small strolls above tree line. Further down the road we drove into Golden Colorado so we just had to take the Coors Brewery Tour. The tour itself was self paced but it was really pretty fascinating and best of all it ended in the hospitality room where we were served three beers of our choice.

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We had a great weekend visiting our friends and enjoyed their hospitality We also had a great scenic drive in the mountains. The Coors tour was a perfect ending so this was indeed a great getaway from the stress of our repairs. When we arrived back at the RV we unpacked and readied for our departure from the beautiful state of Colorado the next morning..  We sincerely hope our electrical problems are finally behind us…

NOTE: We are now in Cheyenne Wyoming but will leave soon for Lingle Wyoming then on to Rapid City South Dakota…