Sunday, November 8, 2009

Man we have a LOTS OF STUFF!!!! So not too long ago I asked my wife to walk through the house with me and look at each room in detail.  Our task was to answer some questions:

1. look in this room and what in here can you just not part with - Absolutely Must Haves!
2. of the remaining stuff what would you like to store or give to family for safe keeping - Could Keep!
3. of the remaining stuff what should we sell - Sell it!
4. any stuff remaining should be thrown away or given away to someone who could use our old stuff. Toss it!

Well we went to the dining room first and it went something like this:

"I really like our antiques but we could give them to one of our kids"  ... I agree.
"Then there is the china and silverware we have ... I guess we could give that to the kids too..."  ... I agree.
"Well I guess there really isn't anything in here I MUST have" ... I agree.

On to the living room.... we could sell the piano and all the furniture and our books and TV, sound system etc... "Well I guess there really isn't anything in here I MUST have" ... I agree.

Amazingly we go through each of our rooms and we surprised ourselves by coming to the overall conclusion that there really wasn't hardly anything we had in our house that we just couldn't part with.  Then it struck us -Why do we have all this stuff if it isn't really of importance to us?  The only obvious answer we came up with was because we had a "stick" house.

I think it is going to relatively easy for us to part with our stuff and move into an RV.  It wasn't until we went through this exercise until we fully realized that traveling in an RV is not only a dream but could become a reality.

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