Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Research and Ponderings...

Well the research continues and if you haven't figured it out by now I am an information and data junkie.  Rarely do I make a decision that hasn't been thoroughly researched to death ... as my wife would say.  This has been the method that works best for me.  Now having said that you might think I am not a risk taker and if you thought that you would be very, very wrong.  What I am is a calculated risk taker!  So I will research RV's and the opportunity to full time in them to death but will eventually come to a point at which we will either buy an RV and full time or go on to plan B.  However, plan A looks too appealing at this time.

So a big part of my early research is simply discussing all the information I am reading about in fulltimer's blogs about the lifestyle with my wife.  We usually walk 3 miles or so up to 5 times a week.  During these walks I share the information I am gathering and solicit her feedback paying very close attention to the non-verbal cues she is giving off.  It is these non-verbal cues that give me the most information.

For example, I recently shared my thoughts about us being able to boondock and explained to her what that meant.  Non-verbal cues (NVC's) gave me reason to believe that this intrigued her as well... so I went on.  I talked about getting the rig hooked up for solar... her NVC's seemed positive... I further talked about the limitations of water and dumping that we would have to adhere to if we were to boondock... other than "Eeewwww" when mentioning black water dumping her NVC's were good... but when I described the way you need to conserve water by taking a "sailor's shower" her NVC's went south in a hurry.... mental note - must have large water holding capacity for boondocking.

So you see not all the pertinent information can be found in the written word, much of it lies in the NVC's of your spouse or significant other so pay very close attention to them! I am...

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