Sunday, November 22, 2009

Weekends and workdays...

Well here I am again sitting at the computer reading blogs of fulltimer's and their journeys longing for "my turn" when it got me to thinking.  I am sitting here relaxing and enjoying the last few hours of my weekend.  I return to my job tomorrow on one of those dreaded Mondays...  But as I sit here, I realize that soon there won't be a difference between a Sunday and a Monday once we retire.  Everyday will be the same!

The only way I will know it is a weekend in the future is that the campgrounds will be fuller and the stores more crowded between 8 and 5.  What a wonderful thought that is...

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  1. We are were you were on this day so many years ago. Ron and I plan to retire in June 2016. Although we'll be working during our retirement, we own a plastic repair business, we will definitely have enough time to explore and relax! We're planning to sell it all and buy a large truck and 5th wheel toy hauler.