Monday, February 22, 2010

Florida park review...

As I mentioned this past week we were at Gainesville, Florida to see my daughter play softball against the University of Florida.  We flew into Daytona Beach and rented a car with the intent of having time on our last day to exlore RV parks along the road back from Gainesville to Daytona. On the way over to Gainesville we saw numerous parks alongside the road but it was night so we didn't stop at any of them.  No problem, since we really had planned to stop at some along the way back since we had the whole day to catch out 5:00 PM flight.

So while in Gainsville we enjoyed watching some fast pitch softball for a few days and when the tournament was over we said goodbye to our daughter and then we planned a different route back to Daytona.  This route was a little further north than the one we came over on and went though an area of Florida with a lot of water features.  So we were sure to see many RV parks, right?  Wrong!  We did see a lot of RV's on the road but did not see any RV parks until we reached the coast where we found a small state recreation area that had several RV's in it.  So we parked the car and got out to take a stroll through the park.

The park, Gamble Rogers State Recreation Area, extends across a barrier island just a ways north of Daytona. It is on the Atlantic Ocean and to the west is the Intracoastal Waterway. The park is small but has a  total area of 145 acres.  We strolled around the park and took in the sights.  The park was about half full of RV's and we were hoping to see one of the ones we are hoping to buy.  But there were no Tiffins at all in the park.  We did stop and chat with the camp host only to find out that this park is usually booked some 10-11 months in advanced...WOW!  Also you can only stay for two weeks and must leave for 24 hours but can return if you have reservations.

The local ranger said that this time of year that the wright whales were passing through although we didn't see any. It is also said to be a prime nesting beach for 3 species of sea turtles from May through September. The area also offers excellent surf fishing and sunbathing and has easy access to the beach. While we were scanning the horizon with my binoculars we saw lots of gannets diving for fish just off shore.  Now I may not have mentioned before but I used to work as a wildlife biologist and as a result I am an avid naturalist and of course a bird watcher as a result. So yes, I keep a bird list of all the species I have seen in my life.  We birders refer to it as a "lifelist" and guess what?  The gannet was a new "lifer" for me to add to my list!  Since I didn't have my camera I borrowed a picture of one like those we saw.  Pretty cool, can't wait to get to do this full time...


  1. Gainesville, FL; my old stomping grounds! Graduated from UF and later went back as an Air Force ROTC instructor. Went to 2 football games total and only because my husband thought it was nuts not to! I'm a native Floridian and can't wait to see beaches, sunrises, sunsets, seashells, etc. again. Tomorrow I tackle another closet full of ? (where DID all this stuff come from anyway!).

  2. amazing how the stuff seems to reproduce... remember George Carlin did a great gig on stuff...