Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Mrs-Part 2...

As I read the blogs of full time RVers, many of them warn that full timing isn't for everyone. It caused me to wonder why in the world a life of freedom and travel could ever be negative.  I guess there are things that can go wrong.  Breakdowns in equipment or mixups in reservations.  Smaller accommodations might feel "confining" to some.  I guess it all depends on how well you and your partner handle adversity.  In life's twists and turns my DH and I have had several trials which could have broken our relationship. Living through the teenage years of both our children was a challenge, my breast cancer was a big one.  Moving and garage sales have set off some fireworks.  However, our SURVIVAL of these challenges actually brought us closer together.  Living with someone you love and respect for 35 years forges you into a team. My DH has strength in being logical, performing careful analysis of situations; I am an organizer but I never want to analyze (just do it!).  I also don't mind making the phone calls he dislikes. We are very different but yet an interesting mix. At the heart of it, we have the same core values and I guess that's what makes it work.

Now at this stage of life it is interesting to note we spent most of our working lives trying to achieve....acquisition of STUFF and achievements,promotions and accolades at work.  Well our priorities have changed drastically.  What we value now is quiet time with each other, appreciation of nature, savoring our conversations, our morning coffee, a glass of wine, sunsets.  None of the "stuff" matters much anymore.  Yes, i want to keep a few cherished things, but I find it funny that it is easier than I thought it would be just to let it all go.  Maybe fulltiming isn't for someone that has a lot of expectations. I feel we don't have expectations so much as an excitement and a commitment and A PLAN that it WILL work.  We'll see in less than 12 months and counting!


  1. Hey guys. Good to hear you are "coming out to play." You will love it. And don't worry about not getting along with your spouse. My wife and I have never been closer.

  2. Wow, Thanks Larry! Hope to see you on a beach in Mexico REAL SOON!