Friday, April 2, 2010

The Exterior of the RV…. basements

It is all about your CCC or Cargo Carrying Capacity.  The consensus  on the web is to allow for no less than 3000 lbs of CCC. So if we have adequate CCC then we need to focus on storage.  Do we want slides or no slides. 
The pros of having slides:
  • convenience – easy to get to our stuff
  • time saver – easy to get to stuff in the back of the storage compartment
The cons of having slide:
  • reduces storage – they take up considerable space
  • they are heavy – reduces you effective CCC

Also the quality of construction on the storage doors should be very carefully inspected for any damage and excessive wear. Check all exterior storage compartments for proper operation of doors and any signs of leakage. Also, we must consider whether or not we will need a heated basement and whether or not since we will at some point in time be stuck in less than favorable temperatures although we will do everything we can to avoid this). Is a pass through storage compartment really necessary? This will depend upon a couple of things – 1) what will be bringing that would require it and 2) what can be stored on our toad (i.e. via a roof rack or in the back of the toad). 

My gut feel is that we won’t need a pass through storage compartment and I am not sure we will really need the slides due to their reduced storage and increased weight.  Not to mention they are expensive to have installed if they aren’t already on the rig.  Besides I am fairly handy and can always add them myself at a later date as can be found in these links:

So the only critical thing we need in our storage compartments is one large enough to accommodate two rather bulky folding chairs.  As long as one compartment can handle that I believe we will be in good shape with storage…


  1. We don't have slides, so we have tons of basement room and more CCC because of not having the weight of the slides or the mechanisms to run them. Our rig is plenty big and roomy without slides.

    Some folks want more living space inside so they like the slides. But honestly, with all the troubles my folks and Steve's folks have with slides on theirs, I am glad we don't have them.

    Also, it's easier to get into your basement storage to get things and put them back when you don't have slides.

    Just a thought.

    Karen and Steve

  2. yes the whole decision about slides seems to come down to the fewer you can live with the better...