Sunday, April 18, 2010

North Carolina, RV parks and some softball...

We were on the road this past week the non-RV way... we flew to Raleigh, North Carolina and drove a car to see our daughter play some fast pitch softball for her University.  When we firsAzalia and smilaxt planned this trip we decided it would be a good idea to look at a few RV parks since we plan on staying in this are next March.  We decided to check out one near Chapel Hill called Birchwood RV Park. This park is in an excellent location deep in the mature pine forest near the hospitals and Duke University and is located in Durham, NC.  This site has a lot of potential but in its current state is is nothing more than a mobile home lot with a small area dedicated to RV's.
pink azalia We got to watch a lot of softball this past week as my daughter's team played six games and split them 3-3. Between the days that games were played we would check out the countryside and man were the azaleas in bloom.  All around the North Carolina countryside azaleas of all different colors were in heavy bloom everywhere.  We found ourselves ohhhing and awwwwwing everytime we saw them in CU well and azalias bloom. 
We also managed to check out another RV park near Wagram, NC called Pine Lake RV Resort. Now this little site is a work in progress but if you are looking for a little bit of rustic peace and quiet this may be the site for you.  However, we are still looking for a site we may stay at a month or two and this was not it.
Between softball and traveling the countryside in search of RV parks  we took a side trip to Raven Rock State Park near Lillington, NC.  What a wonderful park for hiking in as there are numerous hikes from short distance to longer hikes over sweetgum leavesfive miles.  We took a hike of about three miles to see the parks main feature and also to see the overlook.  This park is nestled in the pine oak forest so typical of this region. The terrain is rolling so you will experience  some elevation change and the most strenuous part is the last 150 steps down to the river’s edge off the cliff face of raven rock. Actually the 150 steps back up are the hardest but well worth the hike.
We then traveled out to another RV park we found interesting by its description.  This one is called Cane Creek Campground and RV Park and is in Snow Camp, NC.  This too is a spot for rustic peace and quiet but it has more going for it that the one in Wagram.  This one actually has some potential as a future home for us for a month or so.  We may be back here but we will continue to look for RV parks within an hour or so of the research triangle.What does the future hold?Looking out towards the falls at Raven Rock State Park makes one wonder…What does the future hold?


  1. Hope you are enjoying your daughter's softball as much as we enjoyed our son's baseball. It is great getting to see them play. Go luck with finding an RV spot for next year. I am sure you will find just what you are looking for.

    Ruth and Kevin

  2. Thanks Ruth and Kevin... we really are looking forward to next year...