Thursday, April 8, 2010

Other exterior considerations…

I have focused on slides, walls, roofs in earlier blogs but there are a lot of other items on the exterior that require some thought. For example”
  • Window type – I want double paned for insulation
  • tinting – yes, yes and yes…
  • awnings – yes and powered would be better
  • seals – better be tight
  • horizontal vs. fixed vs. vertical – horizontal please….
  • electric or manual – give me manual please
  • slide out awnings – yes please
Exterior lights
  • check them for proper operation headlights
  • check to see if you have lights where you need them
  • LED lights use less power and thus are great for boon docking
  • Make sure they are secure and not damaged
  • Make sure they operate smoothly
  • likewise with the windshield wipers
Ahhhh… but I am beginning to digress and cover things that should be check when buying an RV… but that is another story…

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