Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I checked on the blog today and what was I greeted with?

The days left until we retire...299 days to go until we are FREE!

We finally broke through that 300 day barrier.  Now I recognize that 299 days is still a long time but I also recognize that this number represents the longest it will take since we are not dependent on a  specific date.  We are more dependent on other things such as whether or not we are ready to travel, what the weather is like where we are and where we intend to go to, what our daughter’s fast pitch schedule is like and where she will be playing.  So in actuality we are more realistically looking at anytime from mid-to late January to March 2nd for the retire date. So on the closest side it is about 255 days or so…. sounds better doesn’t it? ;)  Then we will be ready to be free as bird...


So in the meantime all we have to do is:

  • have garage sale number 1
  • put the house up for sale
  • sell my truck
  • have the house inspected and appraised
  • have garage sale number 2 (optional – depends on #1 sale)
  • sell the house
  • buy a rig
  • move into an apartment or the rig if we have one
  • buy the toad (Honda CRV or a Jeep for now)
  • modify the RV
  • sell the Camry
  • have our last garage sale
  • get the heck out of dodge

So much to do…  so little time…


  1. Seems like the biggest one is "sell the house." Everything else is under your control. Wish we had so little time left!

  2. yes sell the house... we must sell the house... your time will pass too and before you know it you will be free :)