Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Too much going on…

Well the inspectors were suppose to come to the house at noon today and when I arrived at 11:45 the A/C inspector was already working in the driving rain. It started raining early here and rained all morning but there was a lull in the activity and the A/C guy was busy checking pressures. I let him do his thing and checked my rain gauge… 5.72 inches WOW!  And more in the forecast… so the phone call happens… the other two inspectors canceled due to weather.  Wimps!


So we are rescheduled for Friday at noon to finish the inspections and determine the verdict. In the meantime we are diligently looking for a place to stay once we are evicted from the home… A word of caution for all you full timer want-a-bes out there… If you live in a college town like we do it is very difficult to find a place that will rent to you without a one year lease. We only need 6-7 months… so we are still looking… I want to thank those of you who wished us luck in selling the house; now we need your well wishes for finding a place to live! Yikes!


  1. I just read your post about how difficult it is to find an apartment to rent in a college town. I live in Fayetteville, AR (home of the U. of Arkansas) and in my experiece, the landlords are more likely to rent on a short lease basis to fill in the income gap until school commences in the Fall. It is to the landlord's advantage, in other words, to rent to you on a 6 month lease during the summer. Good luck! It can be done. Perhaps you can look at subletting an apartment from student or graduate student?
    Karen Hardamon

  2. Thanks - am pursuing the subletting route now...

  3. A summer sublease might be just what you need. You may be able to find the right RV by the end of summer and can live in it at a park in your area.

    I wish I had your problem!

    By the way, have you gone to the Changing Gears Website?

    They have some very good checklists to help in buying a used RV. Look for them in the top of the side bar.