Wednesday, June 2, 2010

wow… part 2…

Well remember that phone call I got after I put a bunch of photos of our house along with a description on  Remember we hadn’t quite gotten to the point of actually listing our property but I did put in a "Make me move!" price when I first set it up. I know many of you were crossing your fingers for me (please keep doing so).  And after three days of hard labor cleaning and primping and staging the house the lady and her and her husband and their realtor in tow came by the house for a visit and a walk through.

house 2

I walked them through the house to let them get to know the place better and then I chatted with the realtor.  I heard a few of their comments about how they could add this or modify that… They stayed about 25 minutes and the only question they asked was “…if I was firm on closing no sooner that August.”  To which I replied … “Everything is negotiable! :) :) :) 

Well that leads up to today and I first got an email from the lady saying I should be hearing from their realtor later on … sure enough I did and he said he was going to bringing me an offer to review later this evening or tomorrow. So now here I am writing the blog waiting to hear from him… I think they are making me wait just to make me nervous and more negotiable… not gonna work… nope… it’s not gonna work… dang it where is he!!!

Keep those fingers crossed and wish us the best...


  1. I've got my fingers and eyes crossed here for ya!

    Good luck!

  2. That good feeling is getting stronger! Good luck!

  3. When it's meant to be, it'll happen. Good luck! I'll look forward to hearing the rest of the story!!

  4. You can always live in an apartment for a few months! Hope they give you an offer you can live with. Remember, how much work can be saved, and how many nights f wondering will it sell. Sometimes a lower offer can be OK!

    When we were selling our home in Texas 26 years ago, we had an early low offer. We countered and they went away. We were already living in California and the house was empty. It was six months before we saw another offer.