Sunday, June 6, 2010

wow… part 3… HOUSE SOLD!

Well what a whirlwind week and half we have had… after listing our house on and having a lady call for a showing that resulted in three grueling days of cleaning the house we had gotten an offer on the house! This was during the same week we scheduled our first garage sale… so we had a showing while the garage was stuffed to brim with “stuff” lots of “stuff”… Oh well…

soldSo we go back and forth with the lady (offer, counter offer, offer counter offer etc.) and we finally come to an agreement on everything so unofficially the house is sold!  Pending a good inspection there should be no reason for it not to close on July 16, 2010.  We will take the signed contract over to their realtor later today. This has turned out to be a real interesting deal since it will be an all cash purchase so there will be no appraisal to worry about, no financing to worry about, only the inspection of which I am not really worried about. So what am I worried about?

Where the heck are we going to live until we hit the road? We have no RV and now after July 16th we will be homeless as well… We have slightly less than five and one half weeks to sell all the rest of our stuff we don’t want… find a place to live… move into the place to live and still shop for the elusive RV…

Wow… now back to the garage sale… we did get rid of a lot of stuff that people actually paid us for… even better there was a fellow who asked about a grill and a smoker to which I replied that we were going to eventually sell everything so I took him out back to look at the smoker and grill and he said he wants them and will call back in 3 weeks to come get them (since I still need them for a while yet).  He also put dibs on my chest freezer.  Another young lady heard our story and has dibs on our bedroom suite, our couch and loveseat and a side board. This turned out to be a good garage sale…

Now if only we had an RV before we have to move out on the 16th…


  1. That is amazing how the sale of you house worked out. I seems like this is meant to be for you, but I can't imagine what you will have to go through in the next few weeks.

    After reading your previous posts, I checked out Zillow. We are not ready to list the house (like you) and have considered doing the same thing, but I don't know if we could get rid of our stuff in that short of a time. Scary thought!

    Congratulations....will be interested to read your posts in the next weeks!

  2. WOW, that is great. Congratulations! You will probably go a little nuts over the next few weeks, but it will be worth it.

    Kevin and I sold our house much the same way. We advertised on a site similiar to and from the time we decide to sell until we had to be moved out was two months and one week. Kevin posted many of our larger items on the internet (Craig's List and Kijiji)and we sold quite a bit this way and then a week before moving we had a big ass garage sale over a weekend and anything that didn't sell then was put at the crub with a for free sign.

    We also had to buy our motorhome during this time, which we bought off of Craig's List in the states so we also had to deal with the importation paperwork. We did it, so I know you can do it!

    Kevin and Ruth

  3. Congratulations! What a relief to have this big step soon-to-be behind you!

    Our house selling story is quite similar. Sold in four days to a cash buyer who wanted a quick close. Three weeks later we were out. All meant to be!

    The coming weeks will be crazy, for sure. You WILL get it all done in time. And, as others have said, it WILL be worth it.

    Just think of all the "campfire stories" you're collecting. We look forward to hearing them down the road!

    Good luck!

  4. Lucky Lucky You! I have been thinking about you for days and hoping that it would turn out right. You will do what is best for you, but I would find an apartment and take my time finding just the right RV. You can get a air bed to sleep on and cull down to what you will be taking in an RV. If it is enough for the RV it will be enough in an apartment! Camp chairs in the Living-room? Great! Boxes instead of dresser? Temporary. Get the grill you want to use on the road and learn to BBQ pancakes and pizza.

    Keep us posted.

  5. Great news....congratulations. Can't wait to read about all the final preparations and the search for your brand new home. Have fun!

  6. thanks for all the well wishes everyone and indeed the next several weeks are going to chaotic at best... we will likely end up in an apartment until we find the right rig.

  7. Congratulations on the sale of your house and especially since it seems to be a no-hassle type deal. Good luck with the inspection.

  8. CONGRATS! What a great progression of things.. mind boggling and spinning with details I am sure. But wheeeeeeeeee you are on your way!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  9. CONGRATS!! Big Step!! Can you feel the clack, clack, clack of the coaster being dragged up the first hill? Don't forget to scream & throw your arms in the air on the way down, I'll take your picture!!