Sunday, August 15, 2010

Antarctica 2005 – boarding Le Diamant…

000 opening slide Ice 2005

After waking and checking out of the hotel I had a taxi for $1 US take me straight to the ship. Security getting access to the dock Port Security Ushuaia Argentinawas very insignificant and all had to do was, in my very poor Spanish, explain that I was working on the ship Le Diamant. They passed me through the gate and I was greeted by the head of security at the gangway who escorted me to the front desk where I met with Ms. Nerly, the Purser, and was processed where they held my passport and took a photo to create le diamant ship namemy ship credentials. I was then introduced to the Master, Mr Saidani and the Staff Captain, Mr Gillard, a very nice   fellow.  The Le Diamant, had about 100 passengers (approx. ½  French and ½ English) not counting the crew. The ship was the former Radisson Seven Seas Cruises'  ship formerly known as the Song of Flower.

Ushuaia night time After no problems boarding I was escorted to my room and was surprised that I was given a room with the guests and not with the ships crew. i settled into my new home and then I familiarized myself with the ship and enjoyed the rest of the day touring the city of Ushuaia.

After returning to the ship it was off to a dinner which was a wonderful slice of beef with a brown sauce complimented by a mixture of green beans and green pepper (very good) Cream of asparagus soup and nice salad along with a slice of a chocolate pie. The dinner was buffet style this evening and best of all all dinners Sunset over the Beagle Soundwere served with free flowing wine (you have to love the French).  I had the pleasure of sitting and chatting with a group of English and Welsh – all very pleasant people. We were supposed to leave at 10:30 pm according to the literature but we were now to leave at 05:30 am the next day. That didn’t stop the late evening sunset from signifying the trip was going to be spectacular…

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