Sunday, August 8, 2010

The eighties and nineties…

So the decision to go to College and use the G.I. Bill meant traveling from South Dakota back to Texas. It also meant trying to decide where to go for college. One of my pen pals was living in San Antonio at the time and was home for the summer from the University of Houston.  I talked with her about college and decided to have her take me to Houston for a tour of the campus… well I decided not to go to school there but found my future bride… my tour guide!

So we hitched up and got married and then I decided to attend my son in front of our first travel trailer :)college where I graduated with a few degrees and then went out to find work. Hired as a natural resource biologist right out of college was rewarding as it allowed me to travel in the state of Texas a lot (which cured my travel itch) while rewarding me with a wealth of  knowledge about our environment. After the first kiddo was born we became parents and noticed that it made it more difficult to get out and about since my wages weren't extremely high :). As time went on I worked in environmental consulting but eventually went back to school to learn more about business as I wanted to venture into my own business (and make more mullah).

After yet another degree… and the decision that owning my own business wasn’t such a good idea (it would have tied me down too much and cut into my travels). So we had another kiddo – man this was really starting to cut into our travel time with each other. Next, I found myself moving from the sciences to the information technology Wiminuche Wildernessfield (more mullah) where I am today.  You see, I was even nomadic in my choices of work :). So to make my nomadic side happy my wife  sent me off to wander for a week or two every summer by myself where I went backpacking in remote locations.  She not only did not like backpacking but didn’t like camping either and at the time this quiet time was probably cherished by her. You combine this with the summer vacations that my bride and I partook in (where we left the kiddos with grandparents) and we were able to travel often and see much of the Southwestern USA.  So my nomadic being was able to satisfy my travel itch twice a year for many years to come and as a result I ended up and many very nice locations…

more later…

p.s…. the fifth house showing with no bites occurred yesterday :(


  1. At least it's showing!

    Kids do have a way of slowing us down didn't they.

    But next year you will be on the road again "in style."

  2. Glad you are showing your can't sell if nobody is looking. That is a good step toward a contract. Lots of luck!!

    Your dream is right around the corner and you'll be living the nomadic life! :-)

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)