Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Y2K and Antarctica…

Well as America turned the lights off of the nineties we were peeking at the next millennium. There was a lot of unfounded worry about what would happen when the clock struck midnight and we entered the year 2000. Leaving the nineties I had two children and was starting to hit midlife. So what better way to enter the year 2000 and my midlife than by taking on an excursion.

Mt. Erebus, Antarctica My biology skills and environmental consulting came in handy when I heard about a science expedition in need of a soils/plant guy on a trip to Antarctica. So I applied for the job and on December 7, 1999 I was headed to New Zealand and then off to McMurdo, Antarctica where I would stay for 42 days and watch the first twinkle of light Y2K would bring us.

Ross Island Map Now this trip solved my travel itch for a while as not only did I get to stay in Antarctica but after returning I spent 17 days in New Zealand and 5 days in Hawaii on my return trip back home. This trip was at the time a trip of a lifetime since not many get to see the spectacle that the Antarctica wilderness has to offer. You combine that with spending time in February (their summertime) on the South Island of New Zealand and … What can I say?  It is a trip like this tat solidifies the burning desire I have to travel and experience all there is to experience…

Queen Charolotte tramp, New Zealand It wasn’t till after I returned from this trip that I realized that  I needed to retire early and get my bride more involved in my travels… so it was at this point in our lives that I began to save in earnest and began my plans to retire by the age of 55…


  1. Wow, what an adventure. I'd love to hear more about Antarctica and your work there.

  2. I was quite happy to travel in New Zealand until an unexpected windfall, profitable property sale, coincided with a chance to go on a cruise with my favourite Canadian Church. Catch The Fire in Toronto

    With this opportunity we decided to make it the trip of a lifetime. After the cruise we hired a car and spent 7 weeks travelling through about 16 States to get back in time to catch our flight home from LA. When we planned we never thought for one minute we would ever go overseas again.

    But we caught a bug. A Love Bug for travel in USA. So far we've managed to return twice and hope to come again for longer periods.

    I guess travelling isn't for everyone but once you've caught the Bug it's really hard to resist and although having money makes it easier we do it on a shoestring and there won't be much left for our children to inherit.

    You caught the Bug in New Zealand and Antarctica. We caught it in USA. How's that!

  3. yep... Antarctica along with New Zealand was a trip of a lifetime and rekindled my travel bug... but my life had yet another trip of a lifetime... and I hope for yet more of those :)

    Karen - the work was under the guise of the National Science Foundation and the intent of the study was to set up a method for long term monitoring of some polluted sites around McMurdo sound (it use to be navy base) - the methodology we created is still performed annually today.

  4. What an incredible trip!!! A true trip of a lifetime. It appears that the travel bug is a big part of your life...both past and present!!

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  5. Great post! Wow, what an opportunity to be able to go to Antarctica.

    I lived on the Big Island for two years and felt very blessed to have that opportunity.

    Enjoy your future journeys!