Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fall Migrants…

acorn woodpecker As I may have mentioned before I used to be a Biologist for Texas Parks and Wildlife and as a result I have always had a passion for nature and the greater outdoors.  I love looking at everything… insects, plants, rocks, mammals, amphibians, reptiles, and birds.  Recently on the national news there was a small story about how the migratory birds had started to begin their trek north (about the same time some snowbirders are beginning to plan their trek south :) )Red Billed Gull Ushuaia

Well, this story focused on a well known birding spot along the Texas gulf coast known as the Boy Scout Woods located in High Island, Texas. This is one of the first stops for migratory birds making the long flight  across the Gulf of Mexico. So this means the birds aregentoo penguin and chick now hanging out in High Island fattening up so they will have enough energy to continue their trek north.  I am fortunate as I live in the direct path of two of the migratory flyways that these birds take north. So it won’t be long and I can gaze out into my backyard searching the trees for those birds not endemic to this region. So for now I can always login to Texas ebird to see what other birders are seeing in their counties.  This helps me better know when the birds might start showing up in our region of the state. For now this will entertain us, but soon we hope to be moving about the country much more following some of these birds back to their migratory homes in the Spring…Magnificant Frigates.

Happy birding…

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  1. Cool, but I'm confused. Do you mean you actually see penguins and are those frigates?