Monday, September 6, 2010

Toad odds and ends… the analysis…

My toad choices for now are as follows:

- 2010 Wrangler Unlimited Sport RHD 4x4- Net MSRP $28,680 15/19 MPG (or older used model)

- 2010 CR-V EX Total MSRP as built $26,499 21/28 MPG (or older used model)

So the analytical and practical side of me does the following comparison based upon this assumption--> If I drive 8000 miles per year in the city and 12000 per year on the highways the costs of each will be the following based upon $3.00 per gallon fuel costs:


  MPG Miles $ per Gal Cost Total Cost
Jeep Wrangler 15 8000 3 1600  
  19 12000 3 1895 3495
Honda CRV 21 8000 3 1143  
  28 12000 3 1286 2429

So the total cost of ownership for just fuel is $1000.00 per year more for the Jeep. Now we all know the lighter the tow vehicle, the better since this helps decrease the stopping distance since more weight makes it more difficult to stop and requires more gas to tow.  So lets just say that it costs an additional $300 in fuel per year to tow the heavier jeep.  Let’s also assume about $100.00 more to insure the slightly costlier Jeep. Total annualized cost to own the Jeep over the CRV then is my best guess estimate of $1400.00 per year.

crv toad So if it costs $35.00 per day to rent a Jeep when we are in serious 4 wheel drive country then we could rent one for 40 days and it would result in a breakeven amount of $1400.00.

So it sounds like I am going to be the proud owner of a Honda CRV as my toad since I can’t imagine I will do some serious four wheel more than 40 days in a year… will I?

Talk me out of it…


  1. Hi, just went through this process and bought the CRV 4x4 as the best compromise. It for sure rides and handles far better than the Jeeps.

  2. Have you "calculated" the fun factor of a jeep? Priceless in my book! :)

  3. Our next Toad will be the CRV for the same reasons. Might as well put the rough wear on a rental vehicle

  4. We just read an article on vehicle customer satisfaction and the CRV was number 1 in its class. Sounds like a good choice to me.

  5. looks like a lot of folks like the CRV... and no I haven't forgotten about the fun factor that is why I would rent ad Jeep on occasion..