Thursday, October 21, 2010

Our last official vacation…

Heading down under to Sydney Australia will mark the end of vacations as we know them… this will be the last official vacation we take.  Since we retire in March the only other time off we will have will be the holiday time off during Thanksgiving and Christmas. This fact along with the fact that October is the month of our wedding anniversary and the 55th birthday of my bride we decided to go “whole hog” and take a large trip.

cruise 2-15-09After monitoring airfare for seemingly a lifetime we bought the tickets and booked a cruise to the south pacific.  When we get back we will be nearer the “less than 100 days working left” mark and closer to retirement.  Now we plan to enter a fulltime lifestyle on the road and many of our friends have said that we will then be on perennial vacation… but I have learned from all those full timers ahead of me that it will not be a vacation, merely a new way of life…

… hope to see you soon…  in about three weeks!


  1. Have fun on your cruise. Time will fly and you will be retired before you know it.

    Travel Safe

  2. What a beautiful trip that will be!

    My brother and SIL immigrated from England to Aussie when they first got married. They spent 7 years there. They loved it.

    Your main problem on the cruise will be deciding what to eat! You might need seatbelt extenders when you get back.

    Have a wonderful time, and I hope you can share some of your trip with us, along the way.

    Bon Voyage and Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  3. Bon Voyage my friend. Enjoy yourselves to the fullest.

  4. Enjoy your trip, sounds like you will have a blast.

    Your are right, living fulltime is just a different lifestyle.

    Kevin and Ruth

  5. What a lucky couple you are. I would love to go downunder, but budget won't allow it, so hope you write some good posts about your trip. Stay safe.

  6. Have a wonderful vacation. I'm looking forward to lots of photos of Sydney and also on the ship. Love those cruise ships!

  7. Thanks for all the well wishes... will post some pics on the blog when we return - earlier if I find an internet cafe somewhere...