Sunday, October 17, 2010

The silver lining…

The words I read today were…tragic and shocking! Most every blog I read today spoke about the travesty that the families of Bruce and Margie have to come to grips with. Taking a walk… a seemingly benign thing to do. But doing exactly what they wanted to do…and you know there is always a silver lining in every grey cloud…

I too only knew Bruce and Margie through their blog and their comments.  However, it was very apparent how happy they were with their lifestyle and their freedom. Their children have been blessed with the gift of their words that they left in their blog. The silver lining is that their words will carry on in cyberspace for a long time.. inspiring others to take a chance, take a risk, and not be complacent with life as it is… You must not wait too long to enjoy life!

Life is fragile! Life is fleeting… we should all on a risk and do something that others say we shouldn’t… be wise and take that chance and find something other than the daily mundane normalcy of everyday life as a working stiff. You see anything at any time can change your life drastically in a split second…

Live life to its fullest… you just don’t know when it will end…


  1. All day I was sad, just very sad because of the loss of Margie and Bruce. And while I don't know them personally, I do know them from reading their blog. And what fun that was!

    I like your perspective on this--how you say to take chances and live. I like that. Margie wrote about doing what you love and moving on when you didn't like someplace or more adventures awaited. Maybe that is what her message is to us--to enjoy life. To take chances, live the life you want to live, and to enjoy.

    Thanks for the insight, pally. It made my sadness ease a bit tonight. Good perspective you have there. :)

  2. Even the mundane normalcy of life needs to be celebrated. Each day is a gift.


  3. I feel so trite thinking at least they had some years of freedom. Their memory will inspire me often in the coming years. Sadness.

  4. You echo my sentiments in your words. A Camp Host Housewife

  5. Thank you for this wonderful tribute to Margie and Bruce. Your words are good ones to live by and follow. Their sudden and tragic death made us all reflect on living each days to its fullest.

  6. Shock and disbelief as we sat around our campfire this weekend, stunned by the news.

    You said it well about living life to it's fullest, never knowing when it's our turn to go.

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  7. So very well said. Your thoughts are exactly what our thoughts are! We would rather go living our life as we are, then to have continued on with the life we had.

    Kevin and Ruth