Monday, November 22, 2010

99 days to go and saying goodbyes…

gypsyWow looked at our calendar today and noticed that we have broken the 100 day marker.  So we now have 99 days to go until we are FREE! … and on the road. However, as I mentioned in my last blog we still have tons and tons to  do…

We got a little disappointed this weekend when we found out an RV that we had narrowed our purchase down to and that we were becoming very interested in has apparently sold :-(  Oh well guess it wasn’t meant to be for that one… and there will be others.

ladies loungingSo this last weekend was the beginning of us doing some things for the final time and the beginning of us saying our goodbyes.  Saturday was my last day as a NCAA statistician for Texas A&M University football as I worked my last game before retiring. What a game this was for my final game as the Aggies were victorious on primetime ESPN against the #8 ranked Nebraska. When the final gun sounded the Aggies had upset the Cornhuskers 9-6 and the fans were throwing white towels in the air and from the press box it looked like it was snowing… a memorable experience for sure.

giantThen on Sunday we went to the Texas Renaissance Festival in Platersville, Texas. Long ago when the children were little ones we went to RenFest many times and on Sunday we decided to go for our last time… Since we were given free tickets to Ren Fest and the weekend’s weather was great we decided that this was the day to go, so off we went for the day… It is only about a 45 minute drive and was a relaxing and fun day.

jesterThere is much to see and do at RenFest although be prepared to bring lots of greenbacks as zombiethere is much opportunity to feast and imbibe in refreshing beverages… There are many vendors selling all kinds of wares. Also many of the participants and all the employees wear medieval themed clothing for the occasion which makes this a wonderful place for people watching.

ded bob showMany shows are free with optional tipping at the end of each.  One of our particular favorites at RenFest is the perennial Ded Bob Sho where you have to be careful or you will get Bob-mo-tized.  The other stand out show this day was the German brothers Gunther and Gotha who portrayed German Rap Stars.  These two comedies are not to be missed… All and all a relaxing day and it was even better when we realized we now have 99 days to go until we are FREE!


  1. I love our PA renfaire too. Used to get season tickets every year when my son was living with me. He had the costume & all - was fun!
    99 days, good for you!!

  2. You can go to Ren festivals all over the country! It might be fun to compare.

  3. Woo Hoo! Congratulations! It will be here before you know it.

  4. I have not set an "offical" date yet but we are 98 days from putting the house up for sale and telling the boss. So we will be following soon after- It is a bit scary.

  5. Congrats!! The time will fly by and before you know you go!!