Sunday, November 28, 2010

Droid X and the Incredible… a comparison

So we have pretty much settled on the fact that we will be switching our phone carrier from AT&T to Verizon based upon the wisdom of those fulltimers before us who stated that the coverage of Verizon was superior to all other carriers.  Now this may change in the future but we are about to commit to a 2 year plan with Verizon for this reason.

So which phone should we get? We have looked at and researched a lot about Verizon's phones and have narrowed it to the Droid X and the Droid Incredible. I have researched these two phones and thought I should share so here are my research results for a side-by-side comparison of the Droid X and the Incredible.

They are both black in color. Both of these phones have the Android 2.2 OS installed on them and both come with 8GB of internal memory.  Both feature an eight megapixel camera and the ability to record video. But this is where the similarities seem to end.

The Droid X is made out of metal not plastic like the Incredible . Droid X records video in HD while the Incredible does not.  Droid X's screen is larger also (4.3-inch touchscreen with 854x480 pixel display beats the Incredible’s 3.7-inch, 800x480px screen). Droid X has external storage of 16MB while Incredible has none.

For processing power, the Incredible com has a 1GHz Snapdragon CPU, while the Motorola Droid X has a 1GHz OMAP 3630 CPU and when benchmarked (this tests the processor, memory, and graphics) the X scored 2.4 times better. When used outside in the sun, the display on the DROID X was brighter and easier to read than the Incredible. The Droid X has an HDMI output which can be very handy.

Droid Incredible is more compact and is less weight but this seems to be the only major plus for them in my opinion over the X.

For a great comparison chart of these two phones along with the Droid 2 and the Droid Pro go to computerworld.

Now the only problem is that there is a rumor that the HTC Merge/Incredible HD or “Mecha” is coming out real soon.

Hmmmmmm… which phone should I get…


  1. I love that header picture, how did you do that? I'm not much help on the phone thing, but we are full time and love our Verizon service.

  2. I have the Droid X. I wanted the largest screen and like it real well. Surprisingly I can do most anything I need to do on it. I didn't need the keyboard as the X has the virtual keyboard, which I like. I have a friend with the Incredible. He bought it because he said it was a better phone than Motorola. I think there might be something to that as I've had trouble with Motorola lately. My Droid X needs to be replaced. It had a problem being "possessed" You can read my blog on that. Now the camera and video aren't working. I have spoken with a rep and was told they'd send me a new one so I'm not worried about it. I LOVE it despite the problems.

    You get a 30 day trial period so you can change it if you don't like it.

  3. I have the Droid Incredible as of two days ago. I LOVE it. The Droid X may be better, but I have no complaints! :)

  4. We have Verizon and are very pleased with the service wherever we go. I think you'll be happy with it! Even with the two-year contract.

  5. Is it true that the Droid X can be used as a mobile hot spot and the Incredible can't? If so, that would decide it for me.

    Good luck!

  6. I have the Droid 2, which you didn't list, but I love it. I assume my comment will relate to the X as well. I am having battery problems with mine. Very fast drain. I called and they are sending me a free extended length battery and cover. My understanding is that these phones usually last about a day before needing a charge. My last phone lasted days. I guess I'll need to charge it overnight - every night - from now on. The battery that comes with the phone is not "extended." The extended battery should last 1.5 days they said. Mine also can be used as a hot spot.