Saturday, November 20, 2010

So what is next for us… The Punch List!

Centrum ArtWell now that we are back in Texas and a trip of a lifetime for us is over it is now nearing crunch time for us as we prepare to ready ourselves for the next chapter of our lives... we have LOTS to do still before we are ready to hit the road!

centrum at nightSince this topic had no photos associated with it I have included some photos of the ship and the towel folding that our room steward left on our bed at night while on out last cruise.

So in order to make some sense out of all the madness that will enter our lives soon I thought it best to come up with a punch list of items that need to be done before we have pig towelout “stuff” together.

  1. continue to opt out of paper mailers and bills where possible
  2. stop all magazine subscriptions
  3. switch to Verizon from our current AT&T provider
  4. determine which TV network to use (DISH vs Direct TV)
  5. determine which internet solution works best for us
  6. sign up for select RV clubs
  7. determine a mail forwarding solution (Escapes most likely)manta ray towel
  8. tll the house (set a closing date)
  9. buy an RV (determine where it will be if we close earlier than our departure date)
  10. sell all the stuff a future home buyer doesn't want
  11. sell all the remaining stuff that won't fit into our RV
  12. solve the insurance issue for our home on wheels (American National most likely) elephant towel
  13. buy a tow vehicle
  14. sell both our current vehicles
  15. insure the new toad
  16. find a towing solution for the toad
  17. learn to drive the RV
  18. take a shakedown trip
  19. finish any mods or repairs necessary before we leave
  20. determine which maps/books we need for traveling
  21. plan our first route
  22. retire from our jobs :) :) :) towel monkey2
  23. transfer our current retirement account to a vanguard account
  24. say our goodbyes

Crikey! The list is HUGE and pretty ominous considering we only have about 3 1/2 months before we plan to hit the road on March 2nd, 2011... now I am not sure now that it was such a good idea to make this list as it seems a bit overwhelming…towel turkey

…we had better get busy as it is almost turkey day!


  1. Haha, wow! It does seem overwhelming on paper doesn't it?
    We've done a lot of that, but it seems that the sale of the
    house is what is taking the longest.

  2. Love the towels!

    Your list looks very doable. Just start in and check them off when done. Before you know it you'll be done and "on the road." I always do the quick, easy things first, like canceling magazines. Easy... That sets up the momentum for me. I think selling the house will be my hardest, but we'll see.

  3. If you want to see overwhelming, please look at what I'm doing. True, I have more time than you, but my list is much, much longer.
    Like "Me & My Dog" said, break it down & knock out some little things, that makes you feel like you accomplished something.
    Have fun!!

  4. It seems making a list helps everyone feel more in control and less overwhelmed. All of these things seem quite doable. Do you have to wait for the house to sell to buy the RV?

  5. You've created a good list. My wife and I went through a similar process when we sold our home, put everything we owned in storage and began a seven month drive around the USA. From there, we moved to South America for a year. You're wise to think through the logistics as carefully has you have. Best wishes, Bill

  6. Well yes the list does seem overwhelming and I will probably be adding to it... and I agree I think it will be best to break into functional units and do much of the easy stuff first... and the good news for us is that the sale of the house is not critical to doing the rest... we can always rent the house out if we have too.

  7. I love #22 the most! It must feel wonderful to be only 3.5 months from making it happen!

  8. That sure is one big list. When the time comes though you will have it all checked off and there will be nothing to it. It all gets done eventually.

    Kevin and Ruth