Sunday, November 14, 2010

Suva Fiji

10/31/2010 – Another day at Sea

Friday 11/1/2010 Suva, Fiji

port of suva fijiWe docked in Suva and were allowed to leave the ship at 8:00 am.  Suva is the pulsing heart of the South Pacific and also Fiji's main port. This waterfront district provides the hub for much of Suva’s activity with high-rise office buildings, colonial buildings with second-story verandas, parks and government buildings.

suva fiji parade2We got off the ship and walked through an area called the Triangle. slh and cheap false tethThen we crossed Nubukalou Creek a rather dirty creek but then we crossed Cumming Street and passed by the Suva Market where local goods and produce are sold. Here we passed a band that was parading down a side street.  We thought it may be in celebration of Fiji’s 40th birthday of independence. Sharon found a dentist’s sign for 50 dollar false teeth… wow!

black pearl resort fiji6We passed Sukuna Park named for Ratu Sir Lala Sukuna, founding black pearl resort fiji5father of independent Fiji. Next we came upon Old Town Hall and then passed the Suva City Library and eventually we stopped walking when we hit the first of the Government Buildings adjacent to a large open field called Albert Park.

black pearl resort fijiThen after returning back to where we started we went and hired a local taxi for an island tour and to find a snorkel spot.  We ended up at the Black Pearl Resort which was on the beach and had a very nice beachfront with huts, bars, a restaurant and loungers where we sat looking over the ocean.  Although we didn’t find a good snorkel spot here we did find a slice of paradise and stayed for most of the rest of our time on shore. Nice relaxing spot with nice cold Fiji Gold beers… man life is tough…

innovative boat in fijiOn the return trip we stopped at an overlook where I took a few photos of the harbor like the first photo of this blog.  Then we stopped at a rain forest resort for a cold drink and a rest. This was a beautiful resort (and it was raining) so we sat in the restaurant overlooking a small lake.  We saw an innovative use of plastic bottles in the small lake nearby. There was a small boat made entirely our of the plastic soda bottles…. how clever! We also saw a lone Fijian fisherman on the far side of the lake fishing in the rain in the rainforest. His yellow slicker contrasting against the greenery of the rain forest made for an interesting shot…

lone fijian fisherman

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  1. We am jealous it sounds so tranquil and warm. The colours are wonderful, so are the pictures.

    Kevin and Ruth