Thursday, December 23, 2010

Calm, quiet, peaceful… then crazy and hectic…

xmas3Since I sold our Christmas tree on craigslist (yes I was the Grinch who sold Christmas…) one of our friends bought us our future RV Christmas tree – just perfect! A bit smaller than our other one :) but it will fit better on the dashboard of the RV. Doesn’t it look great with all the presents?

I want to thank all those that congratulated us about our recent toad acquisition… we are so happy to have one big step behind us. However, we are ready to move on to the next one… the motorhome!

xmas2I was going to title this blog the “Calm before the Storm” but I got beat to the punch by Rick and Paulette… But the fact is “Calm before the Storm” is the perfect statement for us right now.  With Christmas looming and New Year’s around the corner now is the time to relax with our family and to celebrate our fortunes of the past year while also celebrating our future ones.

But we have less than 70 days before we want to hit the road… How are we going to do all we have to do in so little time?  YIKES!!!! I am sure we can find a way but YIKES!!! We have been looking for the perfect rig for about one year and yet we still haven’t found it yet. Recently it became obvious that we were going to have to “settle” for something less than perfect. So we have lowered our standards like we did in high school when we thought we could find the perfect date on our first try :)

xmas1Not only have we lowered our standards a bit but we have also had to raise how much we want to spend… So we may settle for a few less options but we hope that by the end of January we have our future home. Man it sucks to be on a budget – anyone have an extra 100K?

So wish us luck and we will wish you all a very Merry Christmas and of course a Happy New Year…


  1. I think it's a lot like buying a sticks and bricks house. You can never find one exactly perfect and if you have one built to your specs, you'd just want something different or changed later on.

    You may not know it, but you helped us to get motivated to get our house on the market. When I read your posts about your seemingly good luck on Zillow, we decided to put our house there. That got us doing the preparation and we then listed it with a Realtor. In the meantime we decided to be snowbirds this winter and the house is being shown while we are gone. (stays cleaner that way)

    Good luck in finding the perfect motorhome!

  2. Hate to tell you, but as far as RVs go, "There Ain't No Tens", but you probably figured that out by now.

    Good luck with your search,


  3. Merry Christmas! Don't feel like scrooge..we didn't even put any decs up. I'm putting my decs including the tree on Craigslist after the holiday. The sentimental ones will go to the boys in a box :)

  4. Love your tree, and as far as the perfect RV goes, I don't think they make them. We bought one that suits. If you don't mind used, there are some really good deals right now. Merry Christmas.

  5. I know the to-do list combined with the length of time left equates to overwhelming, but it will all get done, somehow. You're right, you will have to settle, but you've been very thorough in your analysis. You know what the top priorities are. Focus on those and hopefully you can work in a few of the others too! I don't think there is a perfect RV out there. One has this feature, but not that. Another has both of those, but is too high in price. A third might fall into the right price, but the decor is ugly. Karen and Al are right, it's no different than buying a stix n brix. Let the fun begin!! Good luck and have a Merry Christmas!

  6. The perfect RV is one with wheels that will get you on the road! Everything else on it is just icing on the cake :)