Thursday, December 16, 2010

DD coming home…

PIC-0029One day early this week - Well tomorrow we will drive over to Austin, Texas to pick up our youngest child (not so young anymore – how did that happen?).  She is coming home for Christmas break of her senior year (and last year of undergraduate studies). This will also be the last Christmas we have in our home. Since we have no offers on the table for it we don’t expect to be out  of our house before then.

After we pick her up we will head over to her brothers house just south of Austin and visit with him and the family.  Been a while since we have seen the grandkids and our daughter is anxious to see them as well.

PIC-0030The day of arrival – Well we drove to the Austin airport and arrived at the same time as our daughter’s flight did, so we provided her with curbside pickup. After loading her bags and heading out she said she was real hungry and so I suggested an eclectic Austintacious eaterie… I had recently read about this place on Nellie’s blog MidLiFe CrUiSeR and she was kind enough to provide me with an address to it… We GPS’ed the address and a bit later we arrived at the extended hands of Maria at Maria's Taco Express…

What a fun and energetic place and a great spot to have lunch with the daughter at as it embodied all that Austin is… “weird” which is the way I still remember it from the old days… I didn’t have the camera so the cell phone had to do to snap off a few photos. In Austin they still have the slogan “Keep Austin weird!” and I hope they do…

the gkidsAfter lunch it was off to take the DD to see her brother and her niece and nephew south of Austin. Always good to see the grandkids. It was an enjoyable visit with our son’s family and after dinner it was time for the two hour drive back home…

Thanks for the good idea Nellie…


  1. Can't believe you would trust weird and wacky Nellie for a place to eat! Could have been pig rectum!

    Noticed you hit day 75 today. Congrats!

  2. Have fun with your family. Being away from family is the hardest part of this life-style.

  3. Good times and lots of family fun and memories. That's what life is about. And petrol has reached $2.00 litres, I think there are 3.7 litres in a gallon. It cost $72 just to fill the car. Hoping it will last a couple of weeks, but only if we don't go visiting.

  4. Hope you will all get together for Christmas. Will they all come to your home?

  5. So nice to have your daughter back for a visit and then to have a nice family get together. We pick up our son at the airport on Monday. So looking forward to that.

    Have a great time together over the holidays.

    Kevin and Ruth

  6. Margie who knows for sure - could have been pig rectum

    Thanks to everyone for wishing us the best and yes Merikay they will come to the house for xmas.

    Enjoy the time with your son Kevin and Ruth.

  7. You went!! I'm so glad you guys had fun there...I knew you would ;) Margie and those darn pig rectums....seriously, doesn't she know they only serve the goat variety there? Sheesh!

  8. P.S. Your daughter is beautiful! She must get it from her mom! LOL! Sorry, couldn't resist :) :)