Friday, December 10, 2010

Rule number 1…

I read Al's blog titled "just-sharing-few-thoughts-today" and was intrigued by all his thoughts he had put into the post. In it he was describing, in his own words, what he thought were the reasons why he was blogging.  Check it out as it was an interesting read and got me to thinking back about a year ago when I started this blog. 

As I stated in a comment I left on Al's blog I had myself some unwritten rules about how my blog was going to be written, what I wanted it to say, and who I was writing it for. The comment I left was…

“when i started blogging i had made myself a few rules and rule number 1 was that I was writing for me [and my family and friends]and that there was no way i was going to make everyone happy... after that i wasn't sure i needed any other rules...”

This about summed up my philosophy on blogging that day when I posted my first post. As many bloggers before me have said “I really had no idea that people would actually read it… must less follow it…” sd as I read through Al’s post a reality struck me. If I am to continue blogging it has to be not only for me but it needs to be useful to others, and maybe a bit humorous at times…The more I thought about it the more I realized I was doing this all wrong…

… and then I remembered mental rule number one and realized that it was indeed the only rule I needed when writing a blog…


  1. When I started blogging, I thought itwas for my family.... now I find out its for my RVing and fiberfriends... the only was I get my family to read it is if I copy and paste the whole blog post into an email and send it directly to them!

  2. I 100% agree! It's hard to remember that rule when you have so many followers and have made connections through comments and other communication. You fear that they are all out there waiting for your next great words of wisdome and if you don't deliver? Well, you might just lose them. Oh, the pressure! But then you remind yourself that of the first rule and relax a little and find something to babble about, whether it is interesting to anyone else or not.

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  4. Howdee..I started blogging for family and show them where we were as we traveled full time around the USA.. then we started birding and I started commenting on other blogs and one thing led to another.
    I now blog for others as rule is to always be myself....thats all.
    oh...and photos always help..
    Take care
    and happy retirement...soon soon soon!!!