Sunday, January 9, 2011

Consumer Electronics Show for RV’s…

What can I say but WOW!!! What a show!!! If you have never been to this international show in Las Vegas and have the opportunity to you simply must go… Had I not come down with the crud while I was there it would have been even better (later diagnosed as viral bronchitis – no wonder I felt like crap while in Vegas).

Back to the show… and no I am not talking about Vegas which is a show all by itself with all of its weird people and lost souls… I am talking about the World’s Largest Consumer Electronics Show… Every geek in the world was here (I know I saw most of them). So what were some of the coolest things I saw for RV’ers?

  • 3D TV… There were 3D TV’s everywhere and if you have ever visited Disney World and seen any of their 3D skits you will simply love 3D TV…. Imagine sports, nature shows, simple things like models walking down a runway are now alive! You will just have to see it to experience it…

While here I found lots of interesting things to share with the people at work but also spoke with some vendors about stuff RV’ers are interested in.

  • Weingard was there with their satellite antennas and they had a Winegard carryout automatic portable satellite antenna (model GM-1518) that looks like the a great solution for us at around 700.00 for the set up (which was way less than I thought…) So I got the brochure and will read up on it some more later. 
  • Also, Dish Network was here and they now have a Pay-as-you-go TV plan that may be useful to many RV’ers.
  • For window treatments there was Polarshades who have an array of window coverings that look interesting… more for commercial and residential properties but may be useful for RV’s.
  • I also found a company that displayed many LED lighting solutions called Showa Industries that may be a good source for LED lights.
  • There was even a company that offered portable solar solutions called Goal Zero which I found very interesting.

A great show overall and now that it is behind me (as is the crud I had) I had better focus on getting us an RV pretty soon or we will have to walk everywhere…


  1. We left the 5W in Circus Circus C.G and did some traveling with the truck.
    Great place for a visit.

  2. Ohhh thanks for the reports AND for the links to. Hope you are feeling better now and over the crud!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  3. Sorry to hear your trip was dampened a bit by "the crud" but glad you are over it. thanks for the post about the satellite and Pay as you go. Very compelling both.

  4. We have the Winegard Carryout and think it's the greatest thing we've gotten for our trailer. We use it with DirecTV - though you can use it with Dish as well. We use one of our receivers and remotes from home. You just hook it up, set it out and you've got TV. The biggest advantage over a trailer/RV-mount antenna is that you can move it anywhere you want - helpful when you're in a canyon or among some trees and can't move your RV.

    Hope you're feeling better soon!