Friday, February 4, 2011

Back to the punch list what is left?

A while back we made a punch list and now that there is less than a month before we take off it is time for to revisit it to see how we are doing and tweak it where necessary.  Below is our current punch list for now:

  1. continue to opt out of paper mailers and bills where possible
  2. stop all magazine subscriptions
  3. switch to Verizon from our current AT&T provider will do after we leave
  4. determine which TV network to use (DISH vs Direct TV) will do after we leave
  5. determine which internet solution works best for us will do after we leave
  6. sign up for select RV clubs signed up for Escapees and passport America
  7. determine a mail forwarding solution (Escapees most likely)
  8. sell the house (set a closing date) – select a realtor
  9. buy an RV (determine where it will be if we close earlier than our departure date)
  10. sell all the stuff a future home buyer doesn't want Very few pieces left
  11. sell all the remaining stuff that won't fit into our RV Garage Sale for next weekend
  12. solve the insurance issue for our home on wheels (American National most likely)   Overland Insurance was selected.
  13. buy a tow vehicle
  14. sell both our current vehiclestruck sold - sell the car
  15. insure the new toad
  16. find a towing solution for the toad  get baseplate on toad
  17. learn to drive the RV
  18. take a shakedown trip not going to happen
  19. finish any mods or repairs necessary before we leave Appt with shop on Wednesday
  20. determine which maps/books we need for traveling
  21. plan our first route Started…
  22. retire from our jobs :) :) :)
  23. transfer our current retirement account to a vanguard account will do after we leave
  24. say our goodbyes

Additions to our punch list:

  1. Go to last doctor visit
  2. Go to last dental visit
  3. Go to last optical visit  Get new glasses
  4. get a bike rack for the bicycles
  5. fix the shifters on the brides bike Ordered the shifters today

Day before we leave punch list:

  1. Cancel auto insurance on car that sold
  2. Cancel parking for work
  3. turn in work keys
  4. find the 10 inch draw bar for a 2 inch hitch to attach bike rack
  5. return bike rack part I thought I needed :)
  6. forward work email to new address
  7. turn in change of address to post office
  8. sign and fax our motorhome insurance form
  9. cancel our internet/tv service and return cable box and remote
  10. make last minute deposits of checks from sold items
  11. pack all the remaining items into the motorhome
  12. final cleanup of the house
  13. leave garage door openers in house
  14. pack up the toad
  15. on last night in house do last load of laundry
  16. finish plotting route
  17. morning of departure is appointment with mechanic to wire brake lights for toad

Still a lot remaining and we only have 24 days to get it done.  Looks like we won’t sell our house before we leave so we will turn it over to a realtor and let them sell it for us.  Also, we are thinking about having an auctioneer sell all of our remaining stuff in a living estate sale so we are starting to contact some…

We were hoping to be playing with the motorhome but with all this subfreezing weather and 1-3 inches of snow forecast tonight all I have had time to do is come up to speed with winterizing a motorhome…


  1. I'm sure you know that learning to drive the motorhome is an ongoing education. RV driving school is not a bad idea either. :)

    Hopefully, this will be the only time you have to winterize the RV!

  2. Your list and my list look quite a bit alike so I will be following along closely to hear how you do what you do....keep blogging.

    Had the first inquiry about the house yesterday. Might be showing it tomorrow. YES!


  3. Yes, there may be more to "get done" but look at how much you have already accomplished!!!
    Judy is right....learning your rig is an ongoing thing and what a joy it is!!

  4. We had a long list like yours. Accept that you most likely won't accomplish everything before departing, but realize that there is much that you can continue working on from the road. So don't stress. No matter how overwhelming it feels at times, it somehow always works out. Have fun!!

  5. Your new home looks great! Congrats on your successful drive through Austin.

  6. Looks like you have everything pretty much covered. Good luck and hopefully you will be able to take a practice run soon.

  7. Craig and I talked bout what to do if the house hasn't sold by the time we are ready to leave. He first said we would just leave it to a realtor, but I'm not in favor of that. I think this house has to be lived in while it's on he market. In summer the drapes need to be pulled each day to control the sun's heat and in winter the downstairs wood stove needs to be used to keep the lower level inviting.

    For now we are just working on getting it fixed up. Waiting for it to sell once it is on the market is another question I'm not ready to face yet.

    I'm so glad you will be able to just go! We did that with our house in Texas when we moved to California. It took eight months to sell even though it was in great shape to start. By the time we sold the landscaping had deteriorated considerably.

    Who knows what is best!

  8. Oh-boy, that's quite a list. Good to be organized. Loving your blog as your timeline is similar to ours, although we aren't brave enough to sell the house yet. We'll see how we feel about that once we get on the road. Best wishes to you and keep writing!

  9. Love your NEW home! I have a suggestion for your punch list. There is a pay as you go wireless internet company out there you may want to look at, called Millenicom. The cost is comparable to the other big boys, the 3G coverage is good as they use both Sprint & Verizon, they will supply the equipment, the monthly usage limits are much higher and best of all there's NO Contract. If you try it and decide, you don't like it, send back the modem and cancel.
    Safe Traveling.

  10. I wanna hear about number 18 ... and see some pics of the inside of your new digs!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard