Monday, February 7, 2011

Getting to know her…

100_4142Today was a beautiful day considering how crappy the last few frigid days have been… we were dying to get out to the new rig (to us) and get to know her better.  We know there is so much to learn.

So we packed up the car with all the items we thought might be too big to store in the motorhome along with some items we knew we had to have but that were more seasonal in nature, such as flippers and snorkel gear, floats, fishing gear etc… Stuff we knew were not going to need in the next three weeks.

100_4144We also packed all the cleaning stuff such as a vacuum cleaner, a carpet shampooer, cleaning supplies and the likes… to get her looking real spiffy for her first date. After 6 hours she was ready for the prom… As a lot of people have been asking to see some inside photos but 100_4146we had wanted to wait till she got a good cleaning which she did so enjoy the pictures of the interior.

I present to you our girl… yet to be named because she needs to earn it and we haven’t even gotten to really know her yet. Today I spent a lot of time getting to know her a bit while I was cleaning… I played with every switch I could. However, with the cold weather my friends barn lost his plumbing so we couldn't turn on water to see how well she wintered the storm. We were however able to tinker around a bit and feel more comfortable with her controls…

100_4150Our time will come when we go out on a date and really get to know each other better… I just hope the weather will cooperate so it can happen before we hit the road for good! I will continue to edit my punch list blog to show our progress in the coming weeks…


  1. CONGRATULATIONS again, she is a beautiful girl, regardless of her name!


  2. Wheeeheee what a BEAUT! Love the legless table with chairs (instead of a dinette booth) and the lovely cabinetry.

    We have the same tall skinny space in the bathroom between the sink and shower. A tall Lasko brand electric heater sets in that space nicely and can use to warm up the bathroom before a shower.

    Next we need some pics of the kitchen area, the storage, etc. etc. haha

    I think the fun part is opening each cabinet and drawer and thinking of what will go where, here or here? there or there?

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  3. What if HER name turns out to be Fred? :))

    Isn't it fun getting ready??

  4. She's a real looker that's for sure. At 22 days, you are really closing in on it. An excellent job of organized preparation. We who are among the seriously less efficient SALUTE YOU!!

  5. She sure looks nice. Can't wait for you to get her out on a nice long road trip!

    Travel Safe
    Dawn & Denise

  6. If I'm smiling this big, I can't imagine how big the smile is on your face!

  7. How exciting for you..the days will pass quickly now. She's a beauty...her name will come to you...enjoy!

  8. Did you find a light-weight but solid carpet shampooer? I feel your excitement. Makes me want to get a new RV!