Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Her place for now…

100_4093Well yesterday I decided that with the cold weather moving in it was time to move her again to a temporary place at a very good friend of ours. But… that meant I had to face the cul de sac… YIKES!

Well as bad luck would have it there were still two cars parked on the out side edge of the cul de sac and so I started her up and up the hill I went.  I went further past around the first car than I felt comfortable and turned hard right until I passed the car – so far so good.  Then a sharp left making sure the ass-end wouldn’t hit the car I passed as I eased up a driveway about 10 feet and stopped and then pushed “R” and I eased back turning as I went.  One car in front of me I pushed “D” and a hard left turned cleared the car and I had made a successful three point turn around in the cul de sac WOOOHOOO!! So back to the house (but now pointed in the right direction) till my bride can help me move her to her temporary place for about a week.

100_4100The lovely lady in my life calls and follows me as I drive the RV to her new spot.  The drive there was uneventful till we got to the barn she was to park beside. Down this narrow road there was a sharp right hand turn between two fence posts not very far apart. To complicate matters the road between the posts crossed a gully with ditches on each side… YIKES again!

Well with good directions from the bride and our good friend we eased our way in and parked beside our friends barn.  Our friend use to be our daughters' 14 and under fast pitch softball coach and we have stayed connected with him all these years and here we are now parked beside his barn… Thanks David!

We will use this opportunity to get to know her now that she is on level ground and has all her slides out… too bad it is about to get real cold here soon… time to learn about winterizing!


  1. Everyday, you're learning something new and gaining more confidence. Before you know it, you'll look back on these days and wonder what all the fuss was about! Congratulations!

  2. You're getting the hang of it! Well done!!

  3. At this rate, you should get a discount on your insurance. Call your agent.

  4. Top notch choice of Class A. We were looking at Tiffin's as well until we found our fiver. Have a great time getting to know "her".

    Craig and Sue

  5. Good job. Now you should have any situation whipped that happens to present itself.

  6. Nice RV...congrats. 26 days? I am so envious! Happy for you and I am sure that your retirement is well deserved. Your blog contains lots of good info for anyone headed in that direction. Thanks for doing the legwork!

  7. Good driving! John is starting to talk about a motorhome (vs. our 5th wheel). Hmmmm...

  8. Good job! I loved driving our motorhome. But I'm getting use to the fifth wheel.

    Everyday will be a new experience!

    Travel Safe
    Dawn & Denise

  9. Congratulations! This is quite an accomplishment that you should be very proud of. Always remember that your front wheels are behind the driver's seat. Anyone can get the front end around the corner but it takes a professional to get the rear end around the corner. Oh, by the way, my retirement day is February 26th.