Monday, May 9, 2011

Getting ready to leave and pondering…

100_4627We have been in the Pinehurst/Aberdeen area for two months, about a month longer than we plan to stay anywhere else we may travel in the future. When we first set out on this RV journey one of the things we wanted to accomplish over the long haul was to keep our eye out for places that we may call our home in the future when we no longer want to RV our way around the land.

Before we decided to purchase an RV and travel the land we were contemplating retiring in a sticks and bricks somewhere other than where we were in Texas. Where this would be depended on a lot of things but first and foremost it had to be somewhere that we really liked and had a lot to offer. Well what we found here in North Carolina in the Pinehurst/Aberdeen/Southern Pines area was a place that we could live in the future.

100_4630   100_4625

Why would we consider this place?

  • lots of activity in this area – festivals, live music, horses
  • a really pretty part of the USA with mature long leaf pines and mixed hardwood forests
  • affordable although taxes are a bit higher than desired
  • good medical facilities
  • very friendly people

So this area was originally on our itinerary as just a layover to watch the daughter’s last season of softball yet it may well end up being our future home. But then again the next place we go to may be even better… That is why we chose to see the land this way…

100_4622  100_4621

So today it is off to watch the softball games we thought were going to be cancelled but that were rescheduled after all.  Then tomorrow we will leave Aberdeen and set out sights on Spartanburg South Carolina to stay for a couple of weeks and watch our daughter's last ASUN tournament.


  1. "to keep our eye out for places that we may call our home in the future"

    Heyduke, it's also our goal! We want a coastal town...

  2. enjoy your time in South Carolina!..happy home hunting!.take your time!!

  3. We are always doing the same when we travel. The more places we see the harder gets. Have fun looking for that perfect place.

    Kevin and Ruth

  4. Keep your options open. There is sooooo much to see out here. We have only been on the road for a year and a half and have only touched upon the beautiful land.

  5. Very interesting. We said the same thing when we started full-timing. We'd be on the lookout for a future place to settle down. Never dreamed it would be at our first winter spot in Florida. We've been traveling part-time and full-time for about 8 years already so we're pretty comfortable with our decision. Just wasn't expecting to find it after just 2 months of being full-time.

  6. We all have to settle somewhere sooner or later. Good that you have started your list. There is no option for us. We will return to Indiana where most of our family is.

  7. We aren't full timing but still we are always on the look out for places we might like to live. We want more sunshine!! But the more I look, the more I see how good we have it here in Oregon. Still need a smaller house though. Good luck in your search and have fun in your travels in the meantime.

  8. We have been on the road since 2006 and like Kevin and Ruth, the more places we see the harder it gets, so much to see! We just have to keep on exploring.

  9. Good luck to your ball player in the games and the tournament.