Friday, May 27, 2011

Spartanburg SC… music!

The city of Spartanburg like so many others has an event in the downtown area where they have music on one night of the week in order to allow the downtown merchants to be visited or discovered. Many towns do this as part of a downtown revitalization effort with varying degrees of success. Spartanburg has music on two nights and from what we saw they appeared to be successful.

dennys   festival banner   crowd 2

Thursday nights is scheduled for “Music on the Main” and Friday night’s will features “Jazz on the Square”. So we decided before we left we should visit these two events to redneck cheeseburgersee what was shaking in downtown Spartanburg.

So on Thursday we went downtown and got there a bit early with the intent of trying Spartanburg’s claim as having the number one rated cheeseburger in South Carolina according to the food network. As recommended we ordered the “redneck cheeseburger” while visiting the Nu-Way Lounge & Restaurant. The place itself is nothing to write home about as it is a typical “dive bar” with smoke stained walls and bowed ceiling tiles but it did have a interesting mix of people. We met a couple of the regulars who filled us in on the history of the place including the story about food network being there and about Julia Roberts being there while filming a movie in Spartanburg.

crowd 3The redneck cheeseburger to us was much of the same as the bar… nothing to write home about. But after the cheeseburger and a few cold drinks we headed to “music on the main” which had already started and a lively band was playing some classic Motown hits. The crowd was late arriving but once they were there the dancing in the streets commenced. The band was pretty good and had a good variety of music to appeal to many of the age groups present.

With the severe weather we had last night we headed over to the blue grass festival to check out the field that our RV was to park in tomorrow. It rained most of the night and morning so when we got there we were not surprised to see a field that I was not going to park my RV in… so back to the drawing board on where we will stay for this weekend… sigh….


  1. Good luck!

    By the way, I tried to make bagels today. You inspired me. They were easier than I expected!

  2. Hope you find a dry place to stay.

    Too bad about the burger...sometimes the hype is way more than the actual experience.

  3. See if there's a fairgrounds nearby. They often times have campsites. Not the "it" factor but a place to stay for the holiday.

  4. Sorry you have to look for a new spot. The storms this year are unreal... Stay safe.

  5. We had a terrible time finding a place to stay between OK City and Houston. All the state and federal parks were full. Several of the private campgrounds were full also. Finally contacted a campground 6 hrs. away.
    Just as I was reading the blog, the local Houston channel came on and did a piece on hamburger. According to them...Houston has been voted the Best Hamburgers in the country. LOL

  6. Good luck finding a place. We have found that we always find one so we don't worry about it much anymore. It may not always be perfect but it will only be for a night or two.

    Kevin and Ruth

  7. Love that Motown music for dancing! Sounds like fun.

    Can't wait to see where you end up camping.
    We had to skip 2 state parks we were going to stay in in New Mexico because when we called they were full up. Seems to always be something along the interstate available if not the greatest place.


  8. Parking in muddy fields is not a good thing, but you will find a spot for a few nights. We always manage to find something for a night or two.