Friday, May 20, 2011

Staying put for another week or so…

Tom Moore Craig Lake in Croft State ParkWe had some maintenance issues with our emergency flashers and cruise control (both don’t work at all) and some intermittent problems with our turn signals. So we went over to Camping World to have them fixed along with letting them finish up the wiring for our toad’s lights. So we had planned to leave Croft State Park here in SC on the 24th but after talking with the Camper’s World service manager I was a bit leery they could really fix everything since they had just informed me they just hired a mechanic.

So after we had made a service appointment with them and after a lot of me worrying about their new mechanic they just hired I called the freightliner service center in Gaffney, SC. After talking with their service center they said they could fix me up and I could get in as early as June 6th… “What"?” I said… “Nothing earlier?” The answer was a resounding no, so here we are in Croft State Park scrambling to find places to stay between now and then. Not so easy with memorial day weekend in the middle of this stay. So for now it looks like we will stay put here until Saturday of memorial day weekend and hope that the friendly park ranger can squeeze us in for the remainder of time we need to wait till our appointment… otherwise it will be hello Wal-Mart parking lot for the memorial day weekend.

5-19-11 Croft State Park and Greeenville SC 007    5-19-11 Croft State Park and Greeenville SC 021

We are also starting to plan where we will head after the service appointment on June 6th in Gaffney. Our thoughts are we will head north looking for a place near the D.C. area for a couple of weeks and a spot near the Boston area for about a month or so, then over to New York area for a few weeks. So now we just have to figure out the details of where we will stay along the way and for our extended stays. Any of you worldly travelers have any tips or suggestions for us?

5-19-11 Croft State Park and Greeenville SC 005

In the meantime I guess I will just have to do a little more fishing and we may do some more biking and hiking… build a few more fires and cook a few more meals…

We will enjoy our additional time here but we will remain vigilant and always keep an sharp eye out for the dreaded Lake Tom Moore Craig monster… … could this be him????? ------>


  1. No tips on campgrounds but I love that first photo.

  2. We have been at the Gaffney Freightliner. Very nice people with great service

    We HIGHLY recommend Pohick State Park in Lorton, VA when you go to Washington DC. It was $30.45/day, the cheapest by far. We only drove 20 min. to the rail station. Free parking at the mall.

  3. Being a westerner, no ideas on your stays, but wanted to say I enjoyed your photos. Are those potatoes baking over the fire or what in the picture in the middle?

  4. A few days at Walmarts can't be all that bad. Hope the repairs go well, they don't seem all that big, maybe something electrical.

  5. That picture looks a lot like Nessy's cousin. :) Sorry about your wait, but maybe all will turn out in the end.

  6. We Stayed at Greenbelt Park, run by the NPS, inside the Beltway. Thirteen miles from the center of DC. Sixteen dollars/night, 1/2 that with Golden Age or America the Beautiful Senior pass, 178 sites, no hookups but potable water, dump station, flush toilets & hot showers. Metro Station right down the street.

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  8. Syl it was fun being part of the picture too ;)

    Donna K - yes those are spuds over some perfect coals

    Weaver and Kevin and Ruth - thanks for the suggestions, we may just spend a week at each one of them for our DC time

    Merikay - we still haven't got a sat/sun spot for Memorial day so we haven't ruled out a walmart yet...

  9. I sure can sympathize with you as far as the memorial day where can you be problem. I keep forgetting about these holidays since every day seems to be a holiday for me. So then I think I'm just gonna mosey on over to somewhere and I call and they, think again.

    Check temps in DC before you decide to boondock in that area is my advice.