Saturday, May 14, 2011

Taking the good with the bad…

Croft State Park -Spartanburg SC 002        Croft State Park -Spartanburg SC 017

Well it was with bittersweet feelings that we departed our spot in Aberdeen as we truly enjoyed the hospitality we received there but it was time for us to move on to our our next adventure… So as the sun rose on Tuesday morning we broke camp, stowed the gear and finished out our departure checklist so we could hit the road.

Croft State Park -Spartanburg SC 003Croft State Park -Spartanburg SC 011

Before hitting the road we decided to treat ourselves to breakfast at a place we had been told about by a local – Kenny’s! We stopped by Kenny’s of Pinebluff, NC once before for a to go lunch which was fabulous. This place is one of those Road Treats and if in the area you need to check it out…

Croft State Park -Spartanburg SC 010     

We hit the road at about 10:00 a.m. and had an uneventful drive (my favorite kind) over to Spartanburg, SC. However, driving through Spartanburg can be a bit hair raising so if you ever travel through this town stay out of the far right hand lane when in town as they planted a lot of telephone poles and signs only inches off the curbside along the narrow lanes… Yikes! Thought I was going to lose a mirror more than once…

Croft State Park -Spartanburg SC 004

We checked into Croft State Park at about 2:00 p.m. and were leveled up and ready to enjoy life shortly after. Our first few days here at the state park started out a bit rough as high winds that were accompanied by a severe thunderstorm stormed through the area our first night here and managed to take out the electrical power in the park. So after boondocking nearly eight weeks here we were in a full service site boondocking again… Sigh!!! We finally got power restored late yesterday so we are much happier now as it has been a while since we have been fully powered up in this rig.

Croft State Park -Spartanburg SC 007

We came to Spartanburg, SC to watch our daughter play in her last softball games as their team competes in the Atlantic Sun Softball Tournament. They got off to a rocky start losing their first game but they won the first elimination game and will play another one today. After they finish we sill stay in the area to relax before beginning our trek going north. I better get busy planning that route as it includes labor day weekend…


  1. Lots of luck on a win for your daughter!

  2. I like the spider picture!

    Don't like real ones, but pictures are OK.

  3. What the heck is that thing in your first big picture? Kind of looks like a broken down shoe.

    Also, did you mean Memorial Day, or will you be there until September? :)

  4. Judy the picture is of a stump in clear water with fisherman's line stuck to it... and yes Memorial Day it is ;)

  5. Thanks for the heads up about Spartanburg. The pictures are wonderful!

  6. Love the pictures today. We hope to visit both the Carolina's, and planned on doing it this summer or spring, but my bad health changed our plans. It is way up on our bucket list though.

  7. I know how it is to move on..its bittersweet. Happy trails on your next adventure in fulltiming life! We Love it!