Thursday, May 26, 2011

Time for multiple moves around the holiday…

5-19-2011 Spartanburg sc 577Well today was the day we were to move across the street to another site. I was pretty sure it was not level enough for our rig but the ranger said we should try it and if it worked we could stay there till after the weekend. However, if it didn’t work we only had two more days guaranteed.

So this morning we packed up the stuff and got ready for the the 100 foot move… lot of stuff to do before a move whether it be 100 feet or 100 miles. Once we had everything stowed and tied down we made the move across the way and gave it the good old “college try” and guess what? We got level… but we could either be level with no hookups or we could be unlevelled with hookups. Sigh…. Like the turtle we saw laying her eggs in the middle of the trail the spot you are at is not always the best one for you…

5-19-2011 Spartanburg sc 580So we packed it all up again and made a move over to another loop where we had a two day reservation till Saturday morning. Then we were on our own for Saturday and Sunday so we started to look for other plans for places to stay until our appointment in Gaffney. Everything in the local area is booked.

It reminded me of a recent walk when my bride was walking down a path with tall trees along the sides and we were headed to what appeared was a dead end, but at the end there was a beautiful piece of art at the end of the trail. Then while surfing the internet for things to do I found a place to stay for Saturday that would be a real hoot and holler then all that would leave us is Sunday night accomodations… Sunday night - hello Wal-Mart !

So Saturday we will head over to the Plum Hollow Alternative Bluegrass Festival about forty miles from here. So what is it? From the picture below in Spartanburg Magazine and their website it says it all…

barney“Since the transition of claw hammer to the finger picks, bluegrass has gone through many exciting changes. This Festival is dedicated to the innovations made by creative artists breaking new ground with an old music.

New Grass, Grunge Grass, Jazz Grass, Bluegrass Rock & Roll (and other grassy pastures not yet discovered) are all a part of Alternative Bluegrass. Our goal (besides having a great party) is to also bring together the music industry in our region (VA, TN, SC, NC, GA) to showcase this new format of music to Music Buyers, Radio Stations, Record Labels and other industry related groups.”

I called the organizer and she said no problem for boondocking our 37 foot rig on the farm. So we have a date to listen to some alternative blue grass music in the foothills of the smokies… Maybe if we stay up late enough and have enough adult beverages (moonshine?) on Saturday night our Sunday night in Wal-Mart may not be so bad…

baby geeseLooks like mother earth has taken care of us for the weekend…


  1. Maybe if you have enough adult beverages they will let you stay Sunday night too!

  2. The Blue Grass festival sounds like a hoot n' a holler. Doubt you'll get any sleep on Saturday due to all the moonshine your fellow grassers will have had. :-))

    But if you are going to boondock Saturday and Sunday why not just stay in your level site and do it? Oh, of course, no sense paying for hook ups you can't use.

    Well ya'all have a good time now ya'heah


  3. I think I would opt for uneven and hook-ups. Bluegrass sounds good though. Maybe they will have a cacelation and you can stay both nights. Good luck!! This acting like it don't want to post....