Sunday, June 5, 2011

Cowpens National Battlefield…

20011-6-5 Gaffney and Cowpens 001Sitting in the quaint gravel lot behind the Freightliner Oasis service center in Gaffney, SC meant that we would be taking a few day trips to the sights nearby while waiting for our service appointment. I mean the gravel lot is nice and all, but just not a place you want to lounge around outside for the day… So our first day here had us going to be the Cowpens National Battlefield in the nearby town of Cowpens, SC.

20011-6-5 Gaffney and Cowpens 010The drive was along the Cherokee Foothills Scenic Highway, The drive provided views of the foothills and the farmlands that were mostly abandoned and slowly being overtaken by the noxious invasive plant called kudzu. But before long we turned into the National Park and make our way to the visitor center. Here we find out there is no admission to enter this park – Great!… but no wonder the US government is debt…

The visitor center had a nice historical display and the park has several interpretive trails. We hiked a trail that had various shady stops where signs would explain in detail what occurred during this American Revolution battle between the Patriots and the British army back on January 17, 1781. The history of this battle can be read in detail here.

20011-6-5 Gaffney and Cowpens 015We were fortunate this day as they also had a cast of characters who had set up a living history encampment and later in the day they demonstrated a battle with 20011-6-5 Gaffney and Cowpens 021a live firing. The blasting sounds of the black powdered rifles attracted a few others to the demonstration as they explained in detail their uniforms and the equipment they were carrying. It was an enjoyable afternoon…

Then it was back to Gaffney, SC and as we neared the town from the west we knew we were close because you could see their cleverly designed water tower that was shaped as a peach to signify how important peach orchards are to the economy of this area.

And as I mentioned yesterday it looks our plans have changed and we will be heading south to Florida once we have our rig serviced. The details of of route and trip are still unfolding but hope to have it all figured before we leave Gaffney…

PS. Several readers of the blog commented they wanted to know more about how we were making our bread… I will post a blog soon on Road Treats to explain it all and include our recipe for artisan bread.


  1. Thanks in advance.
    You have started something!
    I made bagels agin for the weekend.

    I make them in the bread machine, boil and bake for 15 of the 20-25 minutes, cool and put into a plastic bag in the refrigerator. Then, the next morning I take them out to warm a bit while the oven pre heats and bake them for 10 more minutes. Lovely morning aroma without any mess.

    Also we have fresh bagels for two mornings.

  2. Dude it is summer Florida is the "wrong way" :)