Friday, July 22, 2011

Back in North Carolina and new RV toys…

Reservoir Park Lake

After a long travel day from Brunswick, Georgia we have found ourselves back in North Carolina. We wanted to revisit the Aberdeen area for a quick stay so we found a place called Oasis Of North Carolina RV Park. When we were last in the Sandhills of North Carolina we looked at a lot of RV parks in the area but found none really suitable for extended stay. This one caught our eye on the internet since it was 15 minutes away and claimed to be relatively new.

Once we found the RV Park we knew right away that it was going to be a disappointment. The park claims to be a Good Sam park and it has an affiliation with Passport America (our rate was $18.90). The park is nothing more than a field of grass with few trees and few sites. It doesn’t seem to be very well cared for as well. The positives are that it has 50 amps, full hookups, WiFi, and good reception over the air for the TV. We had planned to stay two days here but only will stay one. What we will remember the most about this park is the scattered geodesic domes, including the office, which was covered with aluminum on the ceiling (are we afraid of extraterrestrials here?).

park office                    park office cieling

Since we got an early start leaving Georgia we got to the site and were set up by 2:30 pm which allowed us ample time to get out and visit a lot of our favorite sites in the Aberdeen and Pinehurst region. So our first stop was our favorite park, Reservoir Park, in Southern Pines. We rode our bicycles on the 2 mile loop around the completely placid lake. From there we visited Pinehurst with a small stop at the Carolina Inn and Maxie’s pub. We basically just visited some of our favorites haunts. We ended the night at open mike night at the Railhouse Brewery.

Maxie's Pub

Since our daughter wanted to spend the weekend with us we will spend the next several days at either her house in Lillington, NC or at the fairgrounds in Raleigh, NC. I had ordered some items from (great prices by the way) and we will stay until we receive and test them but it should be in the next 2-3 days. I ordered the following:

  1. Portable Surge Guard Protector 120-240V 50 Amp
  2. Surge Guard Universal Lock Hasp
  3. Blue Ox Patriot Brake Control Braking System

This should just about complete our wish list of items we felt that we needed for our new lifestyle. These one time expenses for us should just about be over with and we can now look forward to a more stable budget.


  1. All that foil is just strange!!! Maybe you should have asked for the backstory on that one.

    We have a portable surge guard and wouldn't be without it. Small price to pay for protection and the peace of mind it brings.

  2. Sorry to hear the park was a disappointment but one night won't be too bad. I know you'll enjoy seeing your daughter.

    I answered your kayak question on my blog yesterday. Just FYI.

  3. You may already use this, but if you don't try Pretty good resource for RV parks. You have to take in consideration that some folks write reviews with their kids in mind...want playgrounds, pools,etc. We ignore those comments.
    I noticed in the picture of the bar, a VT sticker. Our daughter graduated from VT. I suppose this bar was a big UNC fan?

  4. If you stay at the Fairgrounds in Raleigh and want some free entertainment, the State Art Museum is close by on Blue Ridge Rd. It's free for their permanent collection and also has "art in the park" outside in a nice park setting. I haven't checked out the State Natural Science Museum in downtown yet but that looks interesting too. Safe travels.

  5. Donna K - i was a bit worried to ask about the foil

    Sherry - thanks!

    where's weaver - thanks but we do use but find it useful only for parks more frequented. And yes consideration of the folks that write reviews has to be factored in... and yes everyone around here is either a NC or Duke fan.

    Gin and Syl - thanks for the tips on things to do in the area. If stay around after visiting our daughter we may just take them in.