Wednesday, August 24, 2011

From the Green to the White Mountains…

2011-08-22 vermont 003

After the hectic day we had leaving New York and arriving in Vermont we finally had a nice peaceful day. Rain pittered and pattered throughout the night but by day break it seemed to have dissipated and left us with a nice crisp pre-autumn day. So after a nice breakfast of bacon and eggs and a slice of homemade toast we made plans to drive out into the Vermont countryside.

2011-08-22 vermont 002

The plan was to take a nice 72 mile loop that would take us into the heart of the Green Mountains and then loop us around through a couple of small towns before heading back to our camp. This loop included some dirt roads into the Green Mountains and which really gave us a feel for how wild the state of Vermont still is. The first stop was a pick your own blueberry farm near Putney, VT where Sharon went in to the store and described it as so in her own words…

“…gorgeous apples, peaches and blueberries. You're encouraged to pick your own. Inside the barn there were two restored model T trucks with baskets of fresh fruit, just-baked pies and muffins as well as Vermont maple syrup, kitchen wares and linens. The farm owner was beautiful in her stained apron, big farm boots, hair falling from her ponytail with the warmest smile and laughter in her eyes. Her contentment made me feel happy the whole rest of the day “

After absorbing the Green Mountain vistas and sights we found ourselves in the town of Wilmington, VT. 2011-08-22 vermont 004A nice little town composed of shops, coffee houses, and restaurants but not as interesting as the next town we drove into, Brattleboro VT. This funky little town has a very noticeable youth movement in town however, the buildings and feel of the town makes you wonder where John Dillinger is hiding out… I swear we felt like we were went back in time and were in the 1930’s as we walked around town.

The next morning we awoke early and prepared to depart Hidden Acres… By the way I would only recommend Hidden Acres for a one or two night stay as it is considerably lacking in the wow factor. An uneventful 172 miles later we ended up in a nice park in New Hampshire,  Timberland Campground area. It has been recently purchased by a fairly enthusiastic couple who seem to have the right attitude to make it work.

2011-08-22 vermont 006

We will stay put for about 5 days and enjoy the serenity of the White Mountains 2011-08-22 vermont 001as we camp beneath the tallest peak in the Northeast. Reaching some 6,288 feet above sea level we should be able to find some nice hikes in the area…

The leaves in the area are warning us of the impending colder months as they begin their transition from their brilliant greens to a variety of reds, yellows and oranges. We have reservations for the coastline of Maine but with Irene sneaking up the coast we may have to alter those plans… we shall see.  In any event it is definitely time for us to prepare our upcoming plans for the winter months and decide where we will hunker down during the colder months…


  1. The NE sure has a had a few interesting days. An earthquake and a hurricane on its way. Stay safe.

  2. Glad to read that you had such a nice day. Hopefully Irene won't be a problem for you - or us.

  3. Howdy Duke,

    I came over from Merikay's to tell you "You the man!" for thinking up the water drinking 'test'.
    Too bad it wasn't the black tank!!!
    How'd an old Texas boy git so far from home..
    Y'all sound interesting, so, I'm agonna foller you a while..

    Smooth roads, clear skies & balmy breezes!!!

    RunningStar Ranch
    Coleman county

  4. Sounds like a great road trip in a very scenic place. Thanks for the information on the campgrounds. Hope Irene is long gone by the time you head over to Acadia. I'll be interested in your where to winter thoughts.