Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Salem Witches

Salem HomeWe left the campground at Camden,Maine around 10:30 as we were not in any really hurry to complete the 160 miles drive south to Salisbury, Massachusetts. It was drizzling most of the morning but we somehow avoided the rain as we headed south.

We rode on highway 1 most of the way through Maine but got on the turnpike for about 20 miles in Maine and the short distance it took to get through New Hampshire. Total toll costs were $15.50 which I find a bit steep and heard that the tolls north of Boston were not too bad compared to those south of Boston. I think we will choose our route carefully going south to avoid tolls where possible.

We got to Beach Rose RV Park around 1:30 pm at Salisbury, Massachusetts and got a nice back in site with concrete pad for the off season rate of 37.00 per night. Still pricey in my opinion but when you compare this camp to those nearby it is by far the better deal to be had if we wanted to visit Boston.

Boston neighborhoodWe just checked out the immediate area the remainder of the day we arrived. Then the rains began and didn’t let up through the night. The next morning it was still raining so we decided to wait till Friday to catchSalem Harbor the train into Boston. But  we thought it would be a good day to drive around the area…

Man what fun it is to drive around in downtown Boston… narrow lanes, “pentasections”, one ways, no ways, honking horns, jaywalkers, sign language, and a higher than normal percentage of idiots on the roads. On the bright side we drove through Harvard, by the Boston Common, through Chinatown, in the Financial District, beside Beacon Hill, along Boston harbor and into the adjacent town of Charleston.

Mayflower PilgrimWe saw a total of two parking spots so this verified how we plan to take our next trip into Beantown… Commuter train and subways…

Also, on the way way back to our RV park we stopped in the town of Salem… you know the one where they hung witches including one named Sarah Good. With a name like that I am sure she shouldn’t have been hung in Salem. Along with the witches were many other dead notables in the colonial cemetery. Here there was even a grave marker for the only person who moved from Plymouth after sailing to America on the Mayflower… Man the history here is just crazy!!!


  1. I love Boston...not for driving but for walking. If you get a chance, walk the Freedom Trail. It is so cool to use the imagination of what this area looked like back in our first days of American history and what took place here. Enjoy the ride.

  2. We had an fun visit to Salem a few years ago and really enjoyed the folklore and interesting history of the town, never made it to Boston thou.

  3. Eat at "The Daily Catch" in the north end - the best. Now I think they have a couple of locations but when I ate there they just had 4 tables. On my top 5 list of great meals.

  4. Salem is one of those eerie spots I'd love to see. Gotta get to that edge of the country one day.

  5. What an awesome and historical place!! I can't wait to read more of your adventures in this area.
    We haven't been to Boston yet but it is on our "to see" list. Our son wants to catch a ball game there one day. I bet Salem is quite interesting and also full of history. You guys enjoy!!

  6. We spent a summer in one of those Back Bay red stones about 42 years ago. Craig was sent to Boston by his company and our daughter, then 2 and I joined him. We got around quite well on public transportation.

  7. Boston is more of a walker friendly town for sure & I second the suggestion of walking the Freedom Trail! Great views & history, and long enough to reward yourself with fried food at the end!

  8. Will you be coming down near Providence, RI? We are only about 20 miles from there. If so, email at

    We will be in this area until around the 17th.

  9. You should check out Salisbury State Reservation which is less than a mile east of the Beach Rose.
    If you are heading toward Cape Cod, check out Scussett State Reservation. It is right at the north end of the Cape Cod Canal.