Sunday, October 2, 2011

Gettysburg, PA for a day and traveling…

amish farm

We left for Gettysburg PA last Friday morning and once again we drove back through the Amish countryside. We had hoped to spend 2-3 days in Gettysburg but when we arrived at the Artillery Range Campground we discovered that there was no availability for the weekend. This hasn’t been a problem for us since school started but here we were so we stayed for Friday night.

amish buggy

Fortunately we got to the park by noon so we were able to take a driving tour of the Gettysburg National Military Park. We stopped at many of the sites to stroll and take in the history. We enjoyed walking around the area known as Cemetery Hill where many war heroes were buried. Many tombstones were marked as unknown for the many soldiers who were never identified after perishing on the battlefields where they fought. It is hard to believe that Americans ever fought against each other but they were do so for the same cause…  These heroes were all fighting for the freedom that we have today and mostly take for granted.

gettysburgAlso at Cemetery Hill is the Evergreen Cemetery where the 1863 Gettysburg Address was given by Abraham Lincoln. We also walked around the areas known as Culp's Hill, Little Round Top,and Big . These areas are rugged and there are many large boulders around.

gettysburg hill

Saturday was another travel day of about 110 miles. We landed near Toms Brook, VA after “Alice” (our GPS) took us on a mountain road that I would have preferred to avoid. After surviving the hairpin turns we pulled up to our friends house where we will stay for a few days before heading further south. With the change in temperatures and all the rain it will be nice be be staying inside a stick and bricks home where it isn’t quite as confining as our motorhome can feel on these rainy cold days.

te road Alice took us down


  1. Enjoy your time with friends!! Gettysburg is a neat place sorry you couldn't stay longer....lots of interesting history to explore. The countryside is just the pics!!

  2. Yep, we enjoyed our visit to Gettysburg as well. We were there for opening day of their new museum and visitor center around April 2008. We thought it was really well done.

  3. Thanks for the tour. We wanted to get to Gettysburg last month but one thing after another came up and we missed it.
    Enjoy time the with your friends.

  4. I am starting to miss the East Coast! I think we are due... Thanks for the great entry!
    Ara and Spirit