Monday, November 7, 2011

Jacksonville Naval Air Show…

2011-11-05 Jacksonville Naval Air Show 002

2011-11-05 Jacksonville Naval Air Show 043

With the weather here in the Jacksonville area a little dicey for enjoying the beach we decided to attend the Jacksonville Naval Air Show. I remember as a child my father taking me to these events and I remember always enjoying the air show and getting to look over some aircraft as well. And when you consider that the show was free and open to the public… how could we go wrong?

2011-11-05 Jacksonville Naval Air Show 001

2011-11-05 Jacksonville Naval Air Show 0282011-11-05 Jacksonville Naval Air Show 011So after a nice breakfast we tool the 40 minute drive through the city of Jacksonville over to the Naval Base. We passed all the major sports arenas in Jacksonville and took some side streets to take it all in. When we got to the base we were in a long queue to park which took about 20 minutes. A nice treat was that parking was also free but we ended up about 3/4’s of a mile from the event entrance.

2011-11-05 Jacksonville Naval Air Show 031

We battled the gusty winds and chilly weather as we made our way to the entrance. After going through the security checkpoint we strolled around through the booths and displays of aircraft. We really enjoyed some of the performances that was on the agenda.

2011-11-05 Jacksonville Naval Air Show 009

2011-11-05 Jacksonville Naval Air Show 037The Fat Albert Lockheed-Martin C-130T Hercules was enjoyable to watch since it was the same type of aircraft I flew in over to Antarctica on in 2000. Also on Fat Albert were the U.S. Army Special Operations Command Black Daggers jump team who despite the strong winds made a pinpoint jump landing on the runway after jumping from the plane over a half mile up wind. One jumper, a highly decorated female, was carrying a large POW-MIA flag with her during her jump.

We also really enjoyed the acrobatic flight displays of both Patty Wagstaff and Skip Stewart. 2011-11-05 Jacksonville Naval Air Show 033Some of the stunts these two performed were amazing to say the least. With a large crowd swelling to an even larger crowd we decided it was time to head back to the camp even though it meant not seeing the Blue Angels whom we had least seen several times before. A really enjoyable day!

We will stay at Hanna Park one more day and then head to Flagler Beach for three days before moving on southward where we have the month of December booked near Naples, Florida...


  1. We're in Flagler Beach now, but leaving tomorrow. Where will you be staying? We're at Bulow Plantation Rv Resort.

  2. That looks like an awesome show. People from another blog we read were there also. You got some great pictures. Glad you have seen the Blue Angels before. They really put on a show. Safe travels.

  3. What a fun day. The Blue Angels are amazing, we have seen them in Seattle several times. I hope Jacksonville warms up by the time we get there in mid January.

  4. Hey, Duke! :-) We'd like to meet up with you guys in December in Naples. We'll be there for a month! Hope we get to see the Blue Angels sometime, that's on our bucket list!

  5. The show was really great... weather could have been better but we enjoyed it nonetheless.

    Karen and Al we will be staying for three days at Gamble Rogers Memorial State Rec Area in Flagler Beach, Florida - it was all we could reserve...

  6. The air show sounds just great, looks like you had a great day. We enjoyed Flagler beach quite a few years ago, nice area.

  7. Looks like you had a grand time even with the wind and cool weather.

    Safe travels!!

  8. The air shows are fun, aren't they. We went to one at Hill AFB back in the early 80s and haven't had an opportunity to go back to another one. (Well, we did, but the traffic hassles/crowds somehow keep us away.)

  9. Love air shows. They are a great way to spend a day.

    I know of another full timer who is at Fagler right now. He has a Roadtrek with solar panels on top so he's easy to identify.

  10. Air Shows are always a hit with us. Military shows are that much better. And of coarse FREE is always good. Enjoy the beach.