Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Our three day stop at Flagler Beach…

2011-11-08 Gamble Roger State Rec Area Flagler Beach FL 029

real floridaWe left Hanna Park at around 9:30 am since we only had 85 miles to drive to our next location at Flagler Beach. When we knew we were heading south in Florida I started looking for sites to stay along the coastline. We had visited Gamble Rogers State Recreation Area when we passed through the area in the spring so I thought I would try to see if I could get a spot. 

2011-11-08 Gamble Roger State Rec Area Flagler Beach FL 031As luck would have it I was able to book three nights on a beach side lot but we would have to leave Friday (I don’t like traveling on Fridays) but I took the spot anyhow remembering how nice the park was. We pulled in about 11:30 (check-in is at 3:00 pm) and fortunately for us the previous occupants of site number 11 was gone and we were able to set up and we were eating lunch by 12… perfect!!! The views out of our windows are fantastic…

2011-11-08 Gamble Roger State Rec Area Flagler Beach FL 032What a fantastic park… we took a hike along their one mile nature trail after lunch and were the only ones on the trail and enjoyed our hike through the “real Florida”… After the hike it was off to the beach… they are still having a rough surf here as the red flags are flying along the beach warning of the dire conditions. A long hike along the beach with the surf crashing in is all it takes for one to get completely lost in thought…

As we walked up the boardwalk from the beach to the campground we heard a fellow ask if we were the guy who writes a blog named Heyduke… well we said yes and met Marty who said his wife Kathy reads the blog and when they saw our rig pull in next to theirs she told him she thought it was ours… so we went over to meet Kathy and had a nice chat with the two of them, what a small world it is…

2011-11-08 Gamble Roger State Rec Area Flagler Beach FL 030I knew one day this may happen from reading other blogger’s accounts of such events but really wasn’t expecting it to be so soon!  We will enjoy our three short days here while we can and we better start figuring out where we will stay this weekend since it is Veteran's Day… Titusville, maybe…

PS. The only compliant we have about this campground is that there is too much sand and the waves make too much of a roaring sound at night… :) :) :)


  1. Ha ha ha - too much sand and noisy waves! Sounds fantastic to me! Glad you were able to get 3 days - maybe there will be a cancellation and you can stay longer.

  2. Why do parks have such a late check-out time? We like to get on the road early and get where we are going. We've ran into this problem before and had to wait for someone to pull out. What a pain.
    Oh, how nice to meet blogger friends. And I am so sorry for your terrible nights! What pain ;)

  3. What a GREAT site you've got there!
    Can't believe they keep you up at night by putting the beach so close to it...hehe :)

  4. Gotta love the beach and the waves, lulling you to sleep. Also a bonus meeting up with one of your blog followers. Quite often we meet up with friends and never knew that they have been following our Blog until they start commenting on a story we are telling by saying yes we read that on your Blog and then you did this....

  5. I love the sound of waves, beautiful place there!

  6. Wow what a great site! This is definitely a place I need to put on my list. We usually do the gulf coast when in Florida but you are changing my mind about avoiding what I always thought was the way too developed Atlantic side.
    Be sure to ask about cancellations before you leave on Friday, you never know.

  7. I'll take over your complaints if you take over my job :-)))

  8. Yeah yeah yeah, too much roaring noise, I hear you! One day, one day I will make the same compliant; yip, one of these days, sooner or later!

  9. It's a rough life when that is your only complaint!

    Kevin and Ruth