Saturday, November 5, 2011

We both got A’s on our tests at the Mayo…

2011-11-04 Mayo Clinic 001

Some readers of our blog asked us to relay our experience at the Jacksonville Florida Mayo Clinic. Below is a synopsis of what we went through during our visit.

2011-11-04 Mayo Clinic 003We were scheduled November 2nd to pre-register then begin our appointments for physicals by visiting internal medicine first. Upon driving in to the clinic, it was reassuring to see clear signage and plenty of free parking nearby. We also noticed RV spaces taken by 3 RV’s but there is signage asking there be no overnight parking. We elected to stay 10 miles away at Hanna Park, a convenient Jacksonville location just ten minutes away.

Pre-registration was scheduled an hour prior to the doctor visit and consisted of finishing any undone paperwork and copying of our license and insurance card. The paperwork was mailed in advance of registration, but as happened with us, we did not receive all of the paperwork needed. Surprisingly the Mayo will not email paperwork. We speculate we didn’t receive some mailings due to confusion about our address. We use our daughter’s address for our mail but since we knew we would not be able to retrieve the Mayo paperwork after leaving North Carolina, we chose to ask a friend in Jacksonville if we could use their address. Unfortunately this created some confusion and we didn’t get everything the Mayo supposedly sent.

2011-11-04 Mayo Clinic 004Therefore the hour on the front end of our appointment was helpful to allow us to fill out 9 more pages of medical history questions. A nurse had also called us about a week before our visit to note all our medications and remind us to fast the day of our initial visit. Upon completion at registration we were presented with two folders containing our individual “itineraries”. These itineraries not only listed our appointment times but also instructions for prep prior to the visits. We presented our itinerary to each department and EVERY receptionist and technician asked for our name and birthdate to ensure they had the right patient!

On the second floor of the same building as registration we headed to our doctor visit. (if you do not call way ahead you will be asked if it is ok to be scheduled with a Physician’s Assistant). The exam rooms were especially spacious and 2011-11-04 Mayo Clinic 002comfortable with a nice couch and a changing room in the far corner. An interesting touch noted by Sharon was the exam chairs did not have paper wrapping as we had always seen before. There were re-usable cloth covers!

Once the doctor interview is over, orders are written for lab, x-rays or any needed tests. We were asked to wait in reception while staff made our appointments some the same day the remaining visits the next day ending with a final visit with the doctor to receive results. Every appointment is within walking distance and the campus is a very pleasant and relaxing walk along tranquil landscaped sidewalks and waterways. Staff are very friendly and accommodating. It really is wonderful to have everything so easily done. It is especially convenient for RV’ers in that barring any complications, you can be done in as few as two days allowing you to go on with your travels!

We were actually able to completely and finish our physicals, x-rays and exams in two days. It was the best patient experience we have ever had in that the results came back so quickly. I am happy to report that we both were declared healthy and got A’s on our exams... Some of our blood-work numbers came back so good that they asked what we were doing for our health. We said we exercise and eat well and we errrrrrr retired early... and maybe being produce junkies apparently pays off !


  1. What wonderful news about your check ups. How nice to actually have a competent staff, who are so professional. Keep up your healthy lifestyle!

  2. Congratulations on your great reports. It is always nice to have a pleasant experience at the doctor's office. The Mayo Clinic sounds like an A+ facility. Keep up the good work!!

  3. May I ask how did you choose to use the Mayo Clinic? Were you referred to it? Is Florida your "home base" and you plan on being there each year for your annual check-up? We need to decide our regular facility in Florida now as well, and curious how other people do it.

  4. Yes it is great to get the test behind us... Al and Karen we chose the Mayo because of its reputation and that they get everything done at once (it may take up to a week)... we have a regular doctor in Texas but wanted on on the east coast and we will set up one on the west coast next year when we go there.

  5. Does sound like a good experience. With my white coat syndrome anything pleasant would help:)

  6. This sounds great. Interesting that they will take you for an annual exam even if you "aren't their patient" and may never return. You must have great insurance if you can go anywhere you want. Well done!!

  7. Sounds like a great experience ... figuring out this stuff for post-retirement is going to be one of our dilemmas.