Friday, November 11, 2011

A whole lot of 11’s going on…

2011-11-10 Gamble Rogers Rec Area FL 007With today being 11-11-11 we will be traveling today to our next site. We really enjoyed our brief stay here at Gamble Rogers State Recreation Area and we have especially enjoyed our stay in site 11 as it is right beside the boardwalk to the beach.. It is funny that we started this fulltime journey by traveling to North Carolina to watch our daughter paly her last year of softball at Campbell University. Did I mention the number on her softball jersey was 11.

2011-11-10 Gamble Rogers Rec Area FL 008Wednesday we discovered a new road treat as there is a small restaurant/bar on the beach here at Flagler called High Tides @ Snack Jacks. We like to walk along the beach and noticed that this place was within walking distance. So Wednesday I looked it up on the internet to see if they had a Happy Hour and guess what? It was Wacky Wednesday at High Tides @ 2011-11-10 Gamble Rogers Rec Area FL 002Snack Jacks… whoopie…

Off we went about a quarter mile down the beach and after a short stroll up the stairs, we were at a table overlooking the ocean ordering some frosty beverages. Now what is Wacky Wednesday? Domestic bottles and pints are only a buck fifty!!! Well what can I say we stayed and watched the sun set over the water before making our way back home.

On Thursday we mostly just hung out at the site as I tried my hand at some surf jzh fishingfishing and had absolutely no luck. I still totally enjoyed the day. I walked across the main road over to the bay to fish a little and caught a few small ones including one barely larger than my bait… But we did get to see lots of dolphin swim closely by and I even saw one manatee lazily swimming against the current a short way out. Also, snapped a photo of the boat below going by… I wonder how he got his motorcycle on the top deck?

2011-11-10 Gamble Rogers Rec Area FL 009So today we leave for our next site at Mims, Florida where we will stay at least the weekend and maybe even through Thanksgiving if we like it there. We have to be out by 11:00 so with all the elevens we decided we would leave at 11:11 on 11-11-11… by the way I just noticed my Texas inspection sticker expires on 11-11…


  1. Sounds like an wonderful day just hanging out at the beach!

  2. You hit the jackpot with happy hour prices and the view....WOW!
    Oh how funny about the inspection sticker. Maybe you two should play the lottery today.

  3. Great pictures today. I always love good a sunset.

  4. Merikay - these were sunrise pictures as I am one of the many who are cursed that wakes up before dawn most days... but the rewards are the beautiful sunrises I am treated to some days...

  5. I sometimes wake up before sunrise, but rarely am up and out. When I did art show I had to be on the road in the dark and enjoyed a few sunrises then.

  6. Any day fishing is great even when there is no catching involved.