Thursday, December 8, 2011

Barefoot Beach…

2011-12-06 bonita springs florida 013

The last few days have been some really lazy days of lounging around the house till lunch and then venturing over to the beach about 10 minutes west of here. The weather here has been absolutely fantastic as we have had overnight lows in the sixties and highs in the low eighties… perfect beach weather.

Sea Grape Back where we use to live in Texas they had a hard freeze the last few nights which is pretty unusual there in early December. The weather forecasters here have been forecasting a cold snap starting today as they are calling for a low of 50 and a high of only 72…. Now this is how cold should be properly defined to retired people!!! The closest thing we have seen of fall here in Florida is the colors on the coastal Sea Grape (Coccoloba uvifera)

Black SkimmersThe days are filled with me waking to the sounds of pileated woodpeckers in the pine grove on the far side of the park followed by a beautiful sunrise. At the beach we are serenaded by the sound of the infrequent but periodic waves lapping the sandy shore depositing sea shells with each pass. The beach we go to is loaded with shells of every pastel hue known to mankind and these beaches also serve as resting spots for the various birds found near and off the sea shore in southwestern Florida.

footprints in the saandThe extent of my exercise lately has been the long strolls we take along the surf while examining the shells left behind by the sea. Occasionally a nice find will be discovered, examined, photographed, enjoyed and then left for the next person to discover it do it all over again…

There are some very fancy homes here along the beach some of which are rumored to be owned by movie stars and the like. But when we are on the beach with the sound of the surf it seems as if it is just us, the sand, the shells and the birds here on our beach along with a few others walking the same path as us…

You see there are many of us in Florida whom are enjoying our lives here, on the road of retirement…


  1. Loved the sound of the quiet waves and the shells. The Gulf has such magic. Thanks for taking me there

  2. Very nicely said. We have certainly been enjoying our stay in this area as well.

  3. Nothing better than a beautiful day at the beach! Thanks for this.

  4. Were you a photographer in another life? You take such beautiful photos. So unique!

  5. That opening photo was simply gorgeous. If I had pictures like that, I'd be making myself a 2012 calendar.

    You are definitely at my kind of place with my kind of weather. Isn't envy one of those deadly sins???

  6. Your photos today are wonderful. Making me long for the beach. Glad the weather has been cooperating.

  7. It sounds like you really have this retirement gig down pat. And I agree, your photos are wonderful.

  8. Yes, maybe we should be thinking about coming back to Florida in winter times!!! I am sure we would found something to do...