Sunday, December 4, 2011

Bonita Lake Resort–Bonita Springs Florida

Houses along the beach

We made the tough 20 mile drive south to Bonita Lake Resort where we will stay for the month of December. I mentioned that we were looking forward to the sleepier town of Bonita Springs and after being here for a few days we do like the more laid back atmosphere here. There are some nice white sand beach accesses about 10 minutes away and the parking here at these accesses is free instead of two dollars per hour… that is a nice plus.

our site in Bonita Lake RV ResortThe park is a medium sized RV park with a mixture of some park models and RV’s. There are about 165 sites and the management appears to be be actively managing the park and adding improvements. The $698 monthly rate is higher than we hoped to get for the month but it pales in comparison to their January rate of $1250 per month. Needless to say we will be leaving before the rate increase in January. Monthly's also pay for metered electricity and the place offers free WIFI but no cable.

out our window viewOur front yard view is spectacular but the channel in front offers some impromptu birding opportunities. The first thing we did when we got here was doing some general cleaning and laundry in the onsite laundry room. The next day found us lounging on the white sandy beach for a couple of hours.The beach was very sparsely populated for a Friday afternoon so this may be a good sign. I saw a fellow fishing who was from Massachusetts and he was catching a few whiting. The diving Brown Pelicans seemed to be catching quite a few fish just off shore so I will get to some fishing of my own later in the week.

at beach access number 2

Last night we found a nice little tavern called Buffalo Chips where we had a The best ice cream in the world - Blue Bellfew adult beverages during happy hour. A lively establishment who claims to have great wings and from the amount of people in the place ordering them we will have to try them out anther day.

Our initial impression of this area is positive enough that we are sure we will enjoy our month stay… especially since we found our favorite Texas ice cream in the local area… Blue Bell!!


  1. Looks like a nice laid back place to be.But $1250 a mo is a lot to steep for me..

  2. WOW...that is pretty steep for one month...beautiful view or not! Pecan Pralines is my FAVORITE flavor! You have good taste!

  3. Your new home looks pretty nice....although a bit pricey than we like. We have also been turned off by the $2 per hour parking fees.

  4. Well I think $698 a month is too pricey maybe thats why we don't really enjoy Florida. Looks nice thou enjoy!
    Now Happy hour and great wings sounds wonderful!

  5. Looks like a lovely area. I can see why you wanted to visit at the lower price. $23 a night isn't tooooo bad although it does add up especially if you have to meter electric.

    I like extended stays in an area and in Florida if you don't do something like that during the winter, you'll be moving from walmart to walmart which may very well be what happens to us when we show up in January with reservations that only last through Jan 24th. Oh dear!

  6. So, when are you guys coming to Naples? :-) Or we should come up to Bonita Springs! We love to meet you!

  7. looks like a great place. I guess $23 is ok for a place like that. When you average your costs out for a year it will probably be a lot less because of free places now and then. So enjoy, you deserve it.

  8. I had to look up where Bonita Springs is. It looks like a great spot to stay a month. Those houses look like Charleston.

  9. Looks like a great place to spend a month. I think it is hard to find a reasonably priced spot in Florida unless it is in the panhandle.

  10. Looks like a great spot! And the price is right for being near a beach in FL!

  11. We stayed in that park twice for several of those expensive months. It is not worth it, but most of the parks around there charge a lot , as well.

    It is a nice area to spend those cold months:)

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