Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas dinner and reflections…


2011-12-25_13-17-31_844December 2011 here on the west coast of Florida has been simply divine!!! The potluck Christmas dinner we enjoyed with the rest of the campers at the park was fantastic and most delicious. The only down side to potlucks is that I always overeat…

Having our daughter come visit us this Christmas has also been wonderful. Since she has been here we have been simply lounging around most mornings after coffee and breakfast. Then after 2011-12-25_12-45-05_354lunch we usually end up at the beach most of the afternoon so our daughter can work on her tan before heading home. It has been fun showing her the lifestyle we now have… our life is pretty tough…

2011-12-25_12-44-40_516With our daughter leaving on Thursday it gives us time to reflect on our stay here in Bonita Lake RV Resort. The month has gone by fast! This resort may not be the nicest in the area but after visiting all the others around here we now know that when we come back to visit this area we may be staying at Bonita Lake RV Resort once again. What makes this park truly enjoyable is its location, proximity to the beach and its friendly people. It also helps that our favorite watering hole is within walking distance as well…

With 2012 looming in the near future it is nearly time to close this chapter called 2011. We will have to move on the first of January to another site here in the park for six days. Then we will store the motorhome to go visit friends in the Florida Keys for a couple of weeks… that will cover us till the 21st of January when we will need to get our RV back out of storage. Between now and then we hope to locate where we will stay through the end of February. Hopefully not too much further north than we are now but only time will tell.2011-12-22_16-01-28_970

Here is to hoping that everyone who reads and follows this blog has a wonderful and exiting New Year in 2012… I guess we better start thinking of what our resolutions will be…


  1. Looks like a lovely Christmas Pot luck always way too much food. Nice to share it with everyone and especially having your daughter there with you. Enjoy the rest of the season.

  2. Thank you. I enjoy reading and learning from your blog. We wish you a safe and Happy New Year too.

  3. Sounds like a fun time and a sound plan. Here's to 2012--bring it on!

  4. Tuff life...lounging, beaching, etc.
    What is that saying..LOCATION, LOCATION LOCATION! We would prefer location over just about any other feature of a RV park. This one sounds super! Glad you had a wonderful visit with your daughter. Memories that can never be replaced.

  5. Great pictures of you both and your lovely daughter. She and her mother look an amazing amount alike. A compliment to them both!

    You've sold me on Bonita Lake Resort. Would you stay 3 months there next winter??

    Hope we can meet up with you once we get down to Florida. We'll be there in early January.


  6. Great photos, guys! Everybody looks so happy and your daughter looks just like Sharon. The weather was so great for her, that was nice!

  7. We will check out Bonita lake for our stay next December