Saturday, December 10, 2011

Greyhound Races and Naples Florida…

2011-12-06 bonita springs florida 058

We were looking for something different to do in the area and we noticed that there was a greyhound racing track nearby and that on two nights during each month they had “DOLLAR NIGHT”… that meant that race programs, hotdogs, popcorn and draft beers were only one dollar American!!! I use to go to the greyhound races when I was in the Air Force in Rapid City, South Dakota and remembered having a fun night when all us guys went out.

2011-12-06 bonita springs florida 050

When I mentioned to Sharon about the dog track she said she did want to go since she had never been to one before. So it was a done deal… we were off to the races. We got there a bit late2011-12-06 bonita springs florida 043 but there was no fee for parking and only $2.00 per person entry. So with the one dollar program we started off $5.00 out of pocket… 3 hotdogs and 2 beers later we were out $11.00. We had some work to do to break even on the day. We watched a total of 13 races and bet on 9 of them with our our wagers ranging from 2-6 dollars each race. We actually did pretty well at the track winning several bets with the whole day costing us less than eight bucks… despite having’s muchos cervezas!!!

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The next day we had a date with some other bloggers Jeannie and Eldo of Where’s Eldo fame in Naples Florida about 25 minutes south of our park. We spent some 2012-12-08 Naples Florida 006time on the way down checking out other RV parks in the neighborhood for potential camping places for January… we will be site-less unless we find something soon.

The parks we checked out were less than satisfactory or didn’t have any availability for January so it was on to down town Naples. We were to meet our soon to be friends at the Jolly Cricket which is a fine British Pub/Restaurant.They have a nice happy hour 2012-12-08 Naples Florida 011($2.50 pints) and a great atmosphere. We walked up to the front of the bar and we recognized them right away from pictures in their blog.

With introductions out of the way we shared lots of stories about our RV travels and our trials and tribulations about locating future sites in the area for the rest of the winter. After happy hour we walked down the street on 5th Avenue to partake in the music scene (Evening on the Fifth) held on the streets in downtown Naples every second Thursday of every month (they provide free musicians along the shopping area).

I can tell you right now they had some very talented musicians there… we were strolling along the Christmas lit store fronts listening to an array of musicians when we came upon a band called Soundcheck and let me tell you, they could flat out play!!! Their upbeat sound along with the perfect weather that night combined with an amazing young fellow who could cut a rug better than Fred Astaire to the delight of the crowd made for a captivating evening. Sharon and Jeanie were out dancing up a storm while Eldo and I tried to look nonchalant holding their purses…

2012-12-08 Naples Florida 014

We had a grand time… great music, great weather, fun times at happy hour and great company with our new friends Jeanie and Eldo…. Thanks you two for showing us a great time in Naples!!!


  1. I liked to watch the Dogs run. There is a great horse track in Tampa if you like that as well.

  2. Looks like a fun day especially meeting fellow bloggers.
    Good luck finding a place there.
    No problems finding sites here, if we can't get into a membership park we want, we just dry camp in the desert.

  3. We were camped almost on top of that race track for several months and always intended to go but never did.

  4. Have wanted to see the greyhounds. Will have to look up a track up this way.

  5. We had a WONDERFUL time with you guys, and thanks for holding our purses and being MANLY men enough to do it! :-) We'll call you soon for more fun...

  6. 8 bucks for all the fun...good job! Where is the picture of you two holding the purses? HAHAHA!