Monday, December 12, 2011

The “Haves” are here…

2011-12-06 bonita springs florida 031

We have traveled a lot many miles and to all of the states along the east coast over the past nine and a half months and one thing we have always noticed is that the state of our 2011-12-06 bonita springs florida 036economy seems to have impacted the lower and middle classes to a greater extent than it has the wealthy or the “haves”…

Throughout the southeast we noticed a lot of businesses and properties have been boarded up and listed for sale due to bankruptcy, foreclosure or short sales. We have seen a lot of run down areas in the east. It is sad for America to have degraded to such a state that it is slowly destroying the most important building block of the country – the working 2011-12-06 bonita springs florida 004middle class.

However, when we walk along the beaches and in particular the beaches in southern Florida it becomes obvious that all the people in America are not suffering. The economy down here in the Bonita Springs and Naples area seems more robust than most of what we have seen in our travels. Strip malls are still being built and most of the area looks vibrant and energized with few signs that our economy is a bit disheveled.

2011-12-06 bonita springs florida 007This takes us back to the homes along the beaches here in southern Florida… These properties start at near $2,000,000 and go way up from there. The houses in these photos are examples of such properties. These homes appear, for the most part, to not be lived in annually and thus are likely “winter retreats for the haves”… must be nice, Huh?

A lot of hubbub has been in the news lately that the “haves” have not been paying 2011-12-06 bonita springs florida 030their fair share of taxes because they are creative enough to tax shelter much or all of their income. When you look at these magnificent properties along the beaches of southern Florida you can only wonder who is living in these homes. Are they doing anything we wouldn’t do if the government allowed us to do so?

But there is no reason to muddle my post retirement thoughts since we never made it out of the working middle class… We were once envious of these people and wanted to excel in our lives for the chance opportunity to be like them. Now the only thing we are envious about are their infinity pools since we are able to enjoy their same backyard views and beaches without having all their property expenses and all their stuff…

2011-12-06 bonita springs florida 029You know they may only be the “haves” because they have most of the stuff.It is interesting to note when we talk with some of  these “haves” that they are jealous of us and our lifestyle. Jealous of us??? What do we have that they don’t have??? We have freedom to do what we want to do when we want to do it… and of course we have all this while having so little responsibility and so little stuff.  Maybe we do have way more than they could ever have in their current lifestyles…

Maybe we are the true “haves” in America…


  1. Careful - or us members of the other 99% will start protesting outside your RV park!


  2. We enjoy the simplier way of life too. These homes are lovely but for us our motorhome is paradise on wheels.

  3. Got me thinking. Would I want to live in a country that has "haves" or one that doesn't have "haves". I'll take the former even with the occasional excesses.

  4. I too like the idea of our freedom to roam, but I'm not gonna lie.... some extra cash in the bank would be nice too. I can't complain though because I do have a steady, secure retirement income. Safe travels always.

  5. It's not the haves I care about, since in many ways I consider myself one of them although I don't have income tax shelters. But it's the have nots who seem to take, as you say, the brunt of everything. If the haves would stop sheltering all their money, my gosh how much is ENOUGH, perhaps the social safety net wouldn't be in such precarious shape. Thanks for the thoughtful subject.

  6. We have what we want at 12 year old coach, 10 year old car, our health, freedom to travel and each other. And enough money for some beer, what do we need with anything more?

  7. Well Said. No amount of money can by freedom and contentment. I bet it takes days to clean one of those big suckers :)

  8. Thought this was worth a comment. I'm not worried about the haves but have been aware for the last several recessions that the middle class has to run harder to maintain their living standard and sometimes that isn't even enough.

    We live in a house now with our Old Purple Bus parked up in the back yard. What attracted me to the RV lifestyle was the lack of responsibility for property and stuff. We live a lot more simply than we used to but I do long for the days freedom to roam with just enough stuff to be comfortable and amuse us.

    The greater our financial wealth and the more stuff we have the greater our responsibility to care for it and use it well. It's nice to have a holiday from that.


  9. Freedom and Contentment, Yeah man. I believe we too are part of the 'haves'. After all I watch someone else cut the grass and trim the shrubs around my home, someone else is cleaning and maintaining my pool. If I feel a need for a social gatherin', I go to the clubhouse. But if I tire of any of these, I hitch up and roll on to the next resort.

  10. i myself always enjoyed George Carlin comments in regards to the poor, the middle class and the rich. something to the effect the rich have all the advantages and pay for nothing and the poor is only there to scare the hell out of the middle class.

    your pictures suggest to me we are well into 'the gilded age II'. opulent displays of wealth while 'everyone else' falls thru the cracks in the floor. the historical record of what follows 'the gilded age' is not so pretty to consider.

  11. I agree we are actually the "haves". To those people in the big opulent home enough will never be enough and sharing anything is not always a priority unless they can take it off their taxes but in many ways I think they are missing the best part of life. This lifestyle is so great without all that stuff to weigh you down.